War Special Reports: CIA Buys Weapons From Balkans and Funnels Them to Jihadis in Syria!

17 Сентября 2019 06:59
War Special Reports: CIA Buys Weapons From Balkans and Funnels Them to Jihadis in Syria!

The American government buys weaponry in Eastern European countries and hands it over to terrorist groups in Syria and Yemen. Earlier, experts supposed it was happening. Now, they have evidence.

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It's true that the Americans were earlier suspected in a very selective attitude to the fight against various terrorist groups. It's more like it moderates them in a way to ensure certain advantages for itself in geopolitical confrontation, which is immoral, notwithstanding anything else. If you condemn terrorism, you just can't support terrorists whenever the situation suits for this while destroying them as soon as the events start to unfold in a different direction. The entire modern history of the American intelligence services demonstrates that the people in the Pentagon, Langley, and the White House don't consider it to be something odd. In Syria, for example, the Western Coalition keeps fighting against ISIS this way: sometimes they strike, sometimes they miss, sending the Americans where it suits them.

Now, it's a different story. Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva published her own investigation that makes it clear that the weapons that Washington buys in Eastern European countries via commercial companies with the American taxpayer's money end up in the hands of the members of the ISIS terrorist group.

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: «A few months ago, I received documents from a Serbian state-owned defense company. I immediately started an investigation in an attempt to figure out where such a huge amount of ammunition could go. Three million rockets and mortar shells, all of them Serbian-made. To find the answer to this question, I had to watch a great number of videos including ones filmed by jihad propagandists. This is how I was able to follow the supply chain. One batch of ammunition, shells for an 82-mm mortar, was bought by a private American company that seemed to be quite a usual one even though it's included in the U.S. government's secret program for the supply of non-American-made arms and ammunition to third-party countries. The destination, however, isn't mentioned in any of the documents. Now, we know why. The batch was intended for fighters in Syria and Yemen».

The reporter acquired the documents that make it possible to follow the path of the mortar rounds from the ISIS cell in Yemen to the place where they were manufactured. The investigation materials include stills of an ISIS propaganda video featuring Serbian-made 82-mm shells. The labeling is well seen on the ammunition: M74 HE KV lot 04/18. The first two letters mean that the shells were manufactured at the Krusik arms factory in Serbia. The following digits, 04/18, mean that the ammunition of the #04 series was made in 2018. This lot number enabled her to follow the path of the shells from Serbia to the terrorists in Yemen. According to the papers of the shells that are shown in the terrorists' video, they were purchased by the American company Alliant Techsystems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ATK Orbital which, in its turn, has close ties with the US government. The Serbian state-owned company Yugoimport became an exporter. The investigation materials include the documents that prove that. Everything is there, down to the contracts numbers. It was over 100,000 pieces of ammunition that cost tens of millions of dollars. The investigation materials make it clear as well that the final freighter of the Serbian cargo was changed several times. They were a warehouse in the state of Missouri, a military base in Afganistan, and the Afghan police force. To deliver these batches of weapons, they hired the Azerbaijani air company Silk Way. This transportation company, in fact, is often used to deliver weapons manufactured at European plants to the world's hot spots on America's behalf. The aircraft have delivered weapons to Baku, to the Turkish Incirlik Air Base, which is used by the Americans, and to the United Arab Emirates.

Now, it is all explainable from the point of view of interests. In Yemen, the Americans support Saudi Arabia, while Iran supports the local Shias, the pseudo-caliphate's fighters are against the Shias, thus acting on behalf of Washington's main ally in the region. The equation is thus solved.

Actually, it turns out that there's a whole secret program in place, commanded by US special forces, under the code name «Smoking Gun». The program was deployed in 2017 in Croatia with an end goal of delivering an enormous amount of arms and ammunition to Syria. There's an interesting twist. The English expression «smoking gun» has a figurative meaning: «evident guilt» or «clear evidence». Is it a joke or what?

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: «They developed such a complicated scheme to bypass the international embargo on the supply of arms to Syria and Yemen. To cover their track, they complicate the supply map. That is exactly why the cargo follows such a complex path through several countries. This is also the reason why so-called third parties emerge in this logistic chain: private companies and re-export. All of this is done to prevent the global community from paying attention to the fact that this is actually a war crime— the supply of arms to terrorists. The thing is, there is a UN embargo on the supply of arms and ammunition to the armed formations in Syria and Yemen. If a country violates this embargo, there are sanctions imposed against it. This is exactly why the supply itinerary looked this way in our case. The starting point is the factory in Valjevo, Serbia. After the purchase, the ammunition is moved to Croatia by trucks directly to a classified warehouse near the town of Podhum. It, in its turn, is located in proximity to Rijeka International Airport, in Romania. After a while, the batch is loaded onto the plane of an American private cargo company and is off to Qatar. But, instead of a regular airport, it lands in the Al Udeid Air Base which is also known as the forward operating headquarters of the U.S. Armed Forces».

All the statements in the investigation are supported by documents that encompass correspondence between the factories, intermediaries, customers, itineraries. The Americans actively use civil cargo airlines for the transportation of ammunition. In particular, in the case of Syria, they used the American airlines Atlas and Kalitta Air. These airlines actively move cargo around American bases in Europe and the Middle East and use military call-signs, while their flights have diplomatic immunity. Their aircraft often turn off their identification devices.

There's one more curious twist. The documents make it clear that the story of the arms supply to radical groups contains a major element of corruption.

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: «In some documents, we see a significant difference between the funds from the American budget that are planned to be spent under this contract and the actual payment that the contractor received. Sometimes, the numbers reach $5 million. What is it? Is this illegal profit for the state or for business? It's difficult to tell. It seems to me, however, that the scheme works in both directions at once. The U.S. government turns a profit from the illegal sales, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it lets major American companies that manufacture weaponry to make their fortune as well».

Moreover, the inside materials make it clear that the representatives of the American companies are doing their best to prevent their names from appearing both on the labels and in the documents.

This story could have caused a huge scandal in the USA, but until the megaphones of the Western propaganda machine keep silent about it, it's as if nothing has happened in the eyes of the American voter. But the filters in the mainstream media are fine-tuned: such investigations just won't appear in the news feed there.

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