Soros - Quantum of Destruction: Documentary Film Chronicles the Financier of Chaos!

11 Августа 2019 06:59
Soros - Quantum of Destruction: Documentary Film Chronicles the Financier of Chaos!

George Soros, the Destroying Quantum. Documentary by Ernest Matskyavichus

А petition titled Drain The Swamp is trending on It already has the support of thousands of Americans. They demand to deport George Soros from the country and denaturalize his citizenship. «We the people will no longer tolerate Soros interfering and actively working against our values, He is deliberately trying to destroy our country».

The close ties between Soros and prominent senators sitting in this building have been discussed in the US at length and for a long time: on TV, in the press, and online, where classified materials occasionally cause a stir. Only Congress itself never talks about the subject, even when the public asks it to. Here, for example, is a petition from October 21, 2016, forwarded to the lawmakers not long before the election.


«We ask Congress to remove the voting machines installed by George Soros in 16 states. As a man with an obvious bias to one candidate, he should stay clear of our electoral system».

Despite several hundred signatures, this petition was ignored by the congressmen. How could a businessman, even an influential one, get to install ballot boxes at polling stations? Well, the company producing those electronic voting machines is Smartmatic, whose owner, Mr. Malloch-Brown, has close ties to George Soros and his businesses. This contact in an electronic system that is supposed to ensure an impartial election alarmed and then seriously scared the voters. But their outrage went unnoticed because it's not just the lawmakers who don't want to get on the wrong side of the founder of Open Society, it's also the freedom-loving, unbiased, and objective American media.

«George Soros for a long time has had influence on American media».

«I would say this. This is a media landscape that was organized by Soros and that he controls. He controls the open American press».

«The American media are run by a single owner. They often repeat the same message even in other countries».

Jerusalem, the capital of three religions. The birthplace of the Christian civilization. A city where Christianity exists side by side with Islam and Judaism. A city ridden with history, symbolism, and contradictions. A perfect place for those who want to play on those contradictions, even if they are dangerous games. Soros's appearance here was only to be expected.

After DCLeaks published documents obtained through a hack, the whole world learned that the founder of Open Society Foundations transfers significant sums of money to Israel. This fact alone didn't surprise anyone. What was shocking is this: the money of a billionaire with Jewish roots, George Soros, was going to the organizations who didn't even try to conceal the fact that their goal was the destruction of Israel.

Wayne Madsen, American Journalist: «People think that he donates millions to NGOs. I'd say that this throws his villainous nature into sharp relief. He only gives away that money because he makes a hundred or more times than that as a result of the chaos he creates. He is a typical James Bond villain who exists in real life».

A total of $9.5 million. That's how much money Soros spent to fund several small non-profits in Israel if we believe this document which, by the way, was very hard to obtain. The beneficiaries are small-time non-profits protecting the rights of the Arab population of Israel. They look absolutely harmless. But that's only at first sight. The proof is located here, in a nondescript house on one of the quiet streets of Jerusalem.

It was here that an Open Society employee managed to send several files stolen from one of the organization's computers. NGO Monitor is a small, but respectful and efficient company. People working here definitely know what happens to the money received by Israeli non-profits which on closer inspection turn out to be anti-Israeli. The senders are Soros's organizations, while one of the intermediaries turned out to be the already familiar to us Black Lives Matter that swept Ferguson and the black electorate of America and called Israel an apartheid state.

Itai Reuveni (Israel), Journalist: «Naturally, at that point, we started to look closer at the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a report produced by NGO Monitor in 2013. This report describes Soros's activity and his interference in the Arab-Israeli conflict. The second report I'm holding in my hands is relatively new. It was issued in November 2016. It talks about several Palestinian organizations with ties to the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. All of them are funded by George Soros. It's all about trying to influence the decision-makers and control public opinion. Soros is not hiding that. It's part of his ideology. We're talking about a hefty sum coming in with the purpose of influencing the Israeli people».

No one expected that. In its final hours, Obama's administration hastily transferred $221 million to Palestine. Congress learned about that on the morning of President Trump's inauguration, who had warned even before the election that he intended to be friends with Israel and considered that friendship one of his greatest priorities. Why did Obama do that? Maybe he just wanted to spite his unpleasant replacement. Or maybe it's something else.

People saying that Mr. Soros's organizations are close to the US government have no idea how right they are in the most literal sense of their words. The Open Society Foundation in Washington and the American White House are friendly neighbors. For one neighbor to shake the hand of the other or whisper something nice into his ear, all he needs to do is cross 17th Street, walk through a small park, and you're already at the gate of the White House.

It's no longer a secret to anyone that George Soros was the biggest financial backer of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. And it's pretty clear that after paying for a girl's dinner, the patron would expect to dance with her. So millions of American taxpayer dollars could have easily gone in the direction pointed by the iron finger of the real boss, whose goals quite often differed from the interests of the US. One of the most dramatic examples is Israel.

David Eidelman (Israel), Political Scientist, Social Psychologist: «Soros is far from being Israel's friend. Soros is financing the organizations that monitor potentially harmful to Israel activity because Soros, being a stock market gambler who makes money on crises, believes it important to exacerbate the situation».

Phil Kent, Political Analyst: «Soros, through his Open Society Institute, other groups and foundations, essentially fosters terrorism in the Middle East. In my book, I cite research where I prove that Soros is a close friend of multiple radical groups».

This has been known in Israel for a long time. It's not a coincidence that Israel's relationship with the US started to deteriorate after the Democrats came to the White House. A retired Mossad general, Shmuel Eviatar is a man in the know. The intelligence agency he served in for most of his life has to do a lot of difficult, dangerous, and unpleasant work, intercepting the messages regularly coming in from across the pond.

— What goal is being pursued today by the US, the American establishment, and Mr. Soros, when they fund the non-profits in Israel that support extremists and terrorists?

Shmuel Eviatar (Israel), Retired Mossad Agent: Our conflict gives them a chance to be here. It gives them supremacy. It gives them an excuse to interfere, the way they did with the Syrian conflict.

— What do they want to create?

— Chaos.

If we believe Forbes, George Soros has a net worth of almost $25 billion, and most of that enormous fortune was made on four financial disasters: the 1992 pound sterling's devaluation, the 1997 Asian stock market crash, the 1998 Russia's default, and the early 2000s crisis in the US. The longstanding conflict between Israel and the Arab world is just another source of income. More chaos, more money.

Shmuel Eviatar: «Money and power. Power, supremacy. „We're stronger than anyone.“ And now they're sitting there and making money».

Woe to him who tries to stop them. The quills of the philanthropist's media battalions that have long ago turned into bayonets will stab anyone who tries to swim against the current, teach the dissenters to love Soros, and effortlessly convince the biggest pacifists that peace is war. This became especially clear after parts of the business correspondence of the Open Society's leader were leaked on the Internet.

Richard Black (US), Virginia State Senator: «The western world faces constant terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists. Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, the Pentagon, the Twin Towers. The same thing is going on in Europe. Brussels, Paris, many other places. You have yourself witnessed the attacks in Grozny. So what Soros does through his organizations is he hires people who get on the media and call Islamophobe anyone who voices concerns about the current situation. You might be worried about the growing Wahhabism, but as soon as you mention that, you'll be told, 'You're just an Islamophobe'. Well, that's not true. Not true at all».

Of course, Soros is smart and extremely careful. There's no direct evidence of him supporting terrorist organizations, such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, or al-Nusra. And most likely, there won't be, but the actions of the Islamists support his main idea, the idea of chaos, which, directed with a steady hand and global intellect, will eventually mix together nations, religions, and cultures. In this chaos, in these murky waters, Soros feels like a fish, or rather like a fisherman, ready for a big catch, which he eventually makes.

Wayne Madsen, American Journalist: «He's responsible for the Arab Spring which spread like wildfire through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and even Northern Iraq, and that's what caused a resurgence of the Mujahideen and al-Qaeda. That's why we see Soros as a financier behind these so-called themed revolutions. And you know, if he weren't so well thought of by various American politicians he's given money to, namely Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, I think he would probably be sitting in a penitentiary somewhere».

A scandal broke in the US not so long ago. George Soros was accused of tax evasion and criminal use of insider information. In 2015, he used a legal loophole to avoid paying taxes on client fees, reinvesting them in his own fund. The profit he made in this way was estimated by Bloomberg at more than $13 billion. Earlier, a Paris court charged Mr. Soros with insider trading in Société Générale shares and fined him almost one million euros. But that was clearly just the tip of the iceberg that most likely came to the surface by accident.

David Eidelman (Israel): «Soros is not a philanthropist. He needs to get something in return. And the information he gets in return, he uses as a stock market speculator. Let's face it, he was one of the few people who made money on the latest crisis. During the last crisis, Soros's fortune grew by 50%. He used to have around 11 billion, and now it's around 25 billion».

A more than significant quantity that transforms into a fundamentally new quality. The billionaire was ready. It was time to make the final move. The White House loomed on the horizon.

The giant aircraft carrier, built using Mr. Soros's designs, flew ahead, firing all its guns, toward the victory that seemed inevitable. But apparently, in the fog that he himself created, he overlooked this cliff by the name of Trump Tower. That was most certainly a disaster, and Soros never saw it coming. Joining the race, the oligarch broke his golden rule and put all his eggs in one basket, probably knowing full well that Trump had no problem with that asset. And now the philanthropist is furious, and the voters are left to wonder what the world would have looked like had the leader of the nuclear superpower, that spread around the globe like Kraken, been a puppet in the hands of an obsessed, ambitious, very rich, and not quite sane man.

Wayne Madsen, American Journalist: «If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, I think Soros would have become a regular in the White House because he'd given her and her husband literally millions and millions of dollars. What did he get in return? When Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were in office as president and secretary of state, Soros could have his acolytes, his supporters embedded in, for example, the State Department. People like Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, are obviously working very closely with Soros's organizations, especially with the Open Society Institute and Foundation. And we know that she welcomed Soros's contributions to bringing about the latest coup d'etat in Ukraine».

By the way, Nuland admitted that the State Department took $5 billion from the American citizens to change the situation in Ukraine, meaning to change the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainians. And it's now clear that in doing that, the White House had a serious partner who was essential to both Ukrainian revolutions. George Soros's actual role has become clear when CyberBerkut leaked his correspondence with Pyotr Poroshenko after having hacked the Ukrainian President's email. In these emails, the philanthropist makes it perfectly clear that Ukraine is only of interest to him as a part of a direct conflict with Russia. He promises to arrange the supply of lethal weapons and suggests that Poroshenko imitate a crackdown on corruption and economic neglect.

Shmuel Eviatar: «Idiots. They gave away everything. Everyone who interfered made some money and will keep making money. You think they care about some Ukrainian guy in Mariupol? Do you really think there's some organization in the world that cares about that? But it's a rich country. They want to have this belt surrounding Russia. They went insane. And they used to be allies. They are investing more and more into this fuel, into fanning the flames».

$500,000 were spent just on the press. Soros's organizations continue to amply fertilize the Ukrainian political landscape. And no one cares that the investments in freedom of speech and democracy resulted in the mutilated south-east of Ukraine, thousands of death among the men of working age, women, and old people, sweeping censorship in the media, theaters, cinemas, and even libraries, hatred among fellow citizens, and fascists on the streets of Ukrainian cities, because the main goal was achieved: Open Society opened new opportunities.

Richard Black (US), Virginia State Senator: «Soros is a great businessman. And he understands that when a government collapses, big opportunities present themselves, including opportunities to influence and make a profit. He has been instrumental in the politics of Ukraine long before their government was overthrown. Was he involved in the overthrow? I think that he was very instrumental in that. Did he benefit personally from the overthrow? Yes, he most certainly did».

The first post-revolution Prime Minister, Yatsenyuk, had barely risen to power before he announced the sale of one million hectares of the government-owned land. For starters. Almost at the same time, in an interview he gave to the Austrian media, billionaire Soros said he was ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine. What did he have in mind? According to The Land Matrix, a global initiative that monitors agricultural investments, most of the Ukrainian cropland, 450,000 hectares, is already owned by American companies. One of the biggest landowners is Monsanto, the infamous corporation promoting genetically modified food.

William Engdahl (US), Political Analyst, Writer: «Monsanto is a large agricultural company that produces genetically manipulated products which have fortunately been outlawed in Russia».

The American political analyst and economist Frederick William Engdahl worked hard to make sure people know everything about Monsanto. In The Connection between the Legalization of Marijuana, Monsanto and Soros, he indicates that the company is preparing to put genetically modified cannabis seeds on the market, which can generate billions in revenue if the sale of this so-called soft drug is legalized. It's worth noting that Soros sits on the board of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance, the world’s most influential organization for marijuana legalization. And finally, one of Monsanto's most important shareholders is none other than Mr. Soros. But even without marijuana, the Ukrainian chernozem is an object of desire for Monsanto that gives its owner strength and power.

William Engdahl: «I think the reason is to obtain control over people. Henry Kissinger put it eloquently in the 70s, as the first oil crisis hit. He said, „If you control oil, you control entire nations. If you control food — which is the whole GMO thing — you control people“.

That's their goal. Most of the people don't have a clue. Millions of hectares of fertile Ukrainian land, a former breadbasket of the Soviet Union, offers unique opportunities both on the fuel and food markets. Rapeseed crops, which are known to be a great raw material for biodiesel, are cultivated here year after year. If the wide-scale use of soil-exhausting crops already doesn't raise any concerns, who will dare stand in the way of investments once the transnational sharks, such as Quantum, get involved? Only super-agent James Bond, if Ukraine can come up with one, of course.

By the way, rapeseed is not the worst-case scenario. We can't completely rule out the Uruguay scenario, mentioned earlier, where first, marijuana was legalized, with the help from Soros and the Drug Policy Alliance, and then Monsanto, believes Engdahl, started to develop its new genetically manipulated variety. This investor knows how to do things on a grand scale. What they are doing in Ukraine is already clear not just to super-agents.

David Eidelman (Israel): „Judging from the emails that were leaked in 2016, Soros is rather actively meddling in Ukraine's affairs, but the main goal Soros is pursuing in Ukraine is taking revenge on Russia“.

What is this revenge for, is easy to guess. In November 2015, Russia's Prosecutor General's Office branded the Open Society Foundation an undesirable organization. It was established that its activity represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system and the security of the state. In Belarus, the foundation was shut down back in 1997.

But in our country, Soros remained unrestrained for 20 years. Partly, it seems, because back in 2003, he claimed that he had nothing to do with the financing of his own projects in Russia. All the more strange then is a hue and cry raised, as if on command, by the liberal media when Soros was asked to leave. The lamentations, however, didn't look convincing even to the western consumers who have long known about Open Society Foundations and their true goals.

William Engdahl: „After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's economy was in a desperate state, so Soros and his colleagues were making money by looting first the Soviet and then the Russian coffers. They looted Russia, and that's what Soros wants to go back to“.

He failed to achieve that. But the collapse of the Soviet Union opened other alternatives for Soros. In Ukraine, for example. And before that, in Georgia, which today is portrayed by the western media as an example of a free, self-sufficient country. And very few of them mention that its current president, Giorgi Margvelashvili, went in the mid-90s to the Central European University in Prague, where his studies were paid for by Soros as a scholarship from the Open Society Foundation. He remains in close contact with his patron to this day, naturally promising to assist his foundations in every way possible.

The same assistance, only, of course, on a bigger scale, Soros was expecting from the potential US President Hillary Clinton and, of course, he was going to take advantage of her long-standing feud with Moscow. With her as president, it would have been so easy to sting Russia where it hurts.

Richard Black: „Hillary Clinton contributed to ratcheting up hostility against Russia. But all of a sudden, people had hope. All of a sudden, we had a government that asked the question, “Why should we have a military conflict with Russia? What is the reason? Is it because they are bombing ISIS and al-Qaeda? That's why we need to be at war with Russia?» It doesn't make any sense. It only makes sense if you profit from a military conflict".

Fortunately, there's no such conflict yet. But Soros doesn't seem to lose hope. To him, Moscow is not just an enemy. It's the most dangerous enemy. «Attacks mounted by jihadi terrorists, however terrifying, do not compare with the threat emanating from Russia,» said the billionaire in one of his recent articles. In his opinion, the only reason Russia started its military campaign in Syria is to make the European Union fall under the onslaught of migrants. At the same time, Soros suggested that Europe admits at least 300,000 refugees annually, spending around €30 billion on their assimilation. The businessman believes that with quotas this high, migrants will have an almost 100% chance of reaching Europe which will stop them from trying to get in illegally. Europe was offered to continue drowning in the flood of migrants, only instead of doing so in a panic, do it slowly, as part of the Open Society framework.

Phil Kent, Political Analyst: «Soros loves the idea of united nations. He loves the concept of world government. He does not like multinational countries, whether it's the US, Russia, or the European Union. On the contrary, he wants to destroy all things national. His main instrument is his foundation, the Open Society Institute. And, of course, he funded many other groups. He has a finger in every pie, whatever the country. He wants to rule the world through his international organizations, to use them in his interests, to break national government institutions. Broken institutions are exactly what creates refugees».

The overwhelming majority of migrants are fleeing the consequences of wars and color revolutions, started with the involvement of Barack Obama's administration, which it never tried to hide, just as Soros never hid his interests in these affairs.

Wayne Madsen, American Journalist: «People get beaten up and killed, as they were, for example, in Kiev, Odessa, Kairo, Tunis, Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Mosul — in all the places where he got involved. But Soros doesn't have any remorse over all those deaths. For Soros, they are just collateral damage».

The billionaire indeed likes doing business in times of crisis, but only when he has a sturdy political roof, preferably with a lot of international influence and belief in globalization, like, for example, the Democrat administration. The idea of an open society, invented by philosophers Bergson and Popper, is undoubtedly beautiful and even romantic. The thinking people oppose themselves to the traditional society and its restrictions, and solve all disagreements through dialogue, creating a social system even more advanced than capitalism or socialism. But that's a philosophical theory. Soros's practice is different. It requires the destruction of entire countries.

David Eidelman (Israel): «Soros's ideology is the open society, but I'm always asking the same question, „Can you call a house with all its walls torn down, an open house?“ From Soros's point of view, you can, but I believe it's not a house anymore. Soros is a person who's financing the tearing down of the walls».

Phil Kent, Political Analyst: «He sees himself as a god figure who came to earth to transform the world. If you listen closely to his statements, he said that out loud more than once. He actually feels he's going to destroy everything».

That's why the recipe for saving refugees the billionaire gave to Europe seems questionable, especially since the economy of Germany, Europe's powerhouse, through growing exports, is becoming ever more successful. Dangerously successful.

George Soros made a serious accusation against Russia. He accused our country in trying to destroy united Europe with a flood of refugees. Yet Europe is not just America's political ally, it's also an economic competitor gradually building its power. This is why all the things Soros is accusing Kremlin of actually benefit Soros himself more than anyone, and it seems that even Europe has finally realized that.

Gábor Vona (Hungary), Leader of the Movement for a Better Hungary: «One of the interpretations of migration is that it's an attack on Europe aimed at weakening it. Naturally, it's not so easy to prove that theory. All I would venture to say is that weak Europe, weak European Union is a good scenario for many superpowers because it allows them to scratch out a competitor».

Hungary, the country where the future billionaire George Soros was born 86 years ago. Today, it's one of the few EU members who introduced a stringent immigration policy. The Hungarians have built a wall on the border with Serbia and Croatia and held a referendum where more than 98% of the voters said no to Brussels deciding how many migrants the country should take in.

Márton Gyöngyösi: «It's difficult to discuss the EU's immigration policy, as it is completely chaotic. I don't think the countries of Central and Eastern Europe should follow the example of their western neighbors, because what they are selling is a rotten product».

Márton Gyöngyösi, vice-chair of the Foreign Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly. He's convinced that Brussels can't get the refugee problem under control because it can't resist the purposeful interference of people like Soros. But Budapest is going to try. The country intends to tighten the regulations for the organizations funded by the billionaire and to audit their paperwork. «Our citizens have a right to know who wants to influence them from across the border,» said the statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office.

Márton Gyöngyösi: «It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a logical conclusion. I see George Soros's foundations as a clever structure. I think everyone sees it as undisputed that the mission of George Soros's foundation is by soft power means to bring about the supremacy in the world. And I think this view won't be disputed even by George Soros. The way he speaks, the way he moves, the way he acts — everything points to that. He might not say that directly, but we in Hungary have a saying, „If something's yellow, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it definitely is a duck“. I know it's not direct proof, but it is proof».

The recommendations that Soros gave to Europe are indeed paradoxical. And that looks suspicious. On the one hand, he proposes to admit hundreds of thousands of refugees to the Old World every year. On the other hand, he claims that an influx of migrants stirs up xenophobic sentiment and fosters radical nationalism. So what does he actually want? A strong multinational state without borders or new cracks in Europe? The conflict of ideas is pretty obvious. But maybe conflict is exactly what Soros is looking for? Remember that playing on contradictions is his forte and he uses times of crisis to make money and make his sometimes scary ideas very real. So if the current crisis in the EU plays into the businessman's hands, it's possible that in the next James Bond movie, Agent 007 will be fighting not Quantum, but the things Quantum gave rise to.

Richard Black: Soros is a man with a long-term vision. He has enough influence to shatter the cohesion of Europe, to provoke a conflict with Russia where there's absolutely no room for conflict.

— Does he have some final goal?

— The final goal is to destroy every nation and then to create a single government that is governed by people that we won't even know. A handful of oligarchs who will send down orders, and people will obey. It's a dictatorship. Everybody fought to cast off Adolph Hitler who wanted to have a central government in Europe. But now the European Union is doing the same thing. What does it matter if the central government is in Brussels or Berlin?

Usually, the New World Order conspiracy theories are treated with a skeptical smile. People talking about them seriously are ridiculed, or, alternatively, suggested to go here, to the other side of this fence, to the Kashchenko Psychiatric Hospital. It's often mentioned in discussions. Today, it's the Alekseev Psychiatric Clinic. But when a person talking about the world government is a famous man with money, connections, and enormous assets of global magnitude, who can't be put in an asylum, things don't seem so funny anymore.

Gábor Vona (Hungary): «You should understand that George Soros couldn't organize and maintain all this alone. I think there's a whole business built on this. Huge sums of money were made. I've been more than once at the southern border of Hungary and I saw what was going on there with my own eyes. These people, the migrants, were well dressed. They had bank cards and cell phones. It means that their journey was funded. A serious mafia made money on the movement of those people. Who is behind those organizations? Is it just mafia we're talking about? Or is there politics behind it? That was supposed to be investigated by EU authorities. But apparently, no one wanted to look into this matter».

Why Europe never tried to find out who is encroaching on its peace and prosperity is Europe's business. What's more interesting is that the EU is far from being the only testing ground for George Soros's ideas. As we've already seen, he also has plans for the United States, and those plans are ambitious.

Matthew Vadoom (USA), writer: «He's fine with the military accepting transgender people. He was a strong backer of same-sex marriage. In the United States, he's also trying to empty prisons. He wants to release even those people who have committed violent crimes. He's for weaker police, but against the freedom of choice, unless it concerns drugs or abortions. In all other areas, he thinks the government should make the choice for you, because you're stupid and can't make decisions for yourself».

Transsexuals in the army, criminals and victims next to each other, same-sex couples at the altar. That seems to be the open society Mr. Soros is dreaming of. If only that was just a dream!

— You know, I can understand him meddling in the affairs of Ukraine, Russia, or the Middle East. But at home? In his own country, in the US?

Richard Black: The first thing you should understand is that oligarchs like George Soros have no home. The United States is not their home. The world is their home. He looks at the United States the same way as at the rest of the world.

Yet it was here, in the US, that the billionaire and his Democrat protégés had to learn a tough lesson. It cost politicians their career, and Soros his money. During the presidential race, the businessman donated $25 million to Clinton's campaign, and after her loss, tried to bet against the market, but failed and lost another billion dollars.

Hybrid wars on home territory, trying color revolution tricks on the voters, the return of the term «nuclear threat» into the election rhetoric — all of that had a logical result: Trump moved into the White House. The country got a leader who defied every notion the Democrats and their powerful supporters had of a good president. It seemed that they used every trick in the negative campaigning book. The Republican candidate was accused of all great sins: racism, sexism, ties to Kremlin. But even that didn't make the Americans see him as more horrible than Hillary Clinton and her perseverant sponsors.

— Do you think maybe Trump won because America got scared that the technologies that had been used around the globe to start color revolutions are now being used in their home? So they said, «No. We won't have this at home.»

David Eidelman (Israel): There's an old joke that America is the only country where a color revolution can never happen because the US has no American embassies. But when after Trump's victory, people took to the streets with the signs saying 'Not My President,' and there was all that unrest outside Trump Tower, I had that thought.

«Not My President!» That was the slogan chanted by the protesters as they marched from Union Square to Trump's skyscraper which is just a couple of blocks from here. Tens of thousands of angry people took to the streets to publicly express their outrage over the Republican candidate's victory. This outrage could have been called the voice of the disappointed voters, except for one thing: the first ones to arrive at every site of anti-Trump protests were dozens of strange buses filled with aggressive people ready for action. The social networks quickly dubbed these vehicles of democracy the Soros buses. No one doubted for a second that Hillary Clinton's main financial backer is the man behind the mass protests.

Direct involvement is always hard to prove, but there are facts that speak for themselves. For example, an active role in the demonstration was played by the organization Black Lives Matter.

Wayne Madsen, American Journalist: «Moral Mondays and Black Lives Matter were the first to start protesting Trump's victory. These well-coordinated protests took place in about 300 US cities. Chaos. George Soros profits from chaos. I repeat, he's a bona fide James Bond villain».

Matthew Vadoom (USA), writer: “We now know as the result of the emails and the explosive exposé by James O'Keefe, a conservative video journalist, that the Democrats paid thugs to go to Donald Trump's campaign rallies and start fights with people, provoke them. This is the same thing as what was done in Hitler's Germany by Ernst Röhm's Sturmabteilung in 1934.

For some time now, the investigative journalist James O'Keefe prefers not to give any interviews. He agreed to meet with our crew only because we're from Moscow, which means the things he says won't become widely known in the US and get him behind bars again.

James O'Keefe, Conservative Journalist: «I've been thrown in jail for what we've exposed. My evidence was destroyed by the federal judge. They were trying to say that I'm a criminal, that I fake evidence, that what we show is not real, that we're selectively using the footage, which is absolutely untrue and impossible. They tried to marginalize and restrict the groups that were trying to tell the truth. This is something you have to deal with when you take on powerful people. The empire strikes back».

And this strike is likely not the last one. O'Keefe and his colleagues are expecting all kinds of trouble, which is why they prefer to keep secret even the location of their office.

James O'Keefe, Conservative Journalist: «We're the enemy of the state. You're familiar with that term, right? We've proved that Soros funds the protests. We've proved that a lot of radical groups have been created by him to incite violence during the presidential race. People were paid money to cause trouble. We caught that on camera and put it all online, and we've shown where the money comes from».

The protesters will never admit to being paid for their demonstrations, but the words and mantras of the people who keep coming with signs to Trump Tower like to work, sound too much like the formulas used by Soros, Obama, and Clinton with a persistence worthy of cult leaders in an attempt to brainwash the voters.

«He's racist, sexist, and he wants to have power over the church. That's horrifying».

Jeremy Nolt, Republican Party Activist: «People were brought on buses to protest. All those protests were professionally designed.»

It's a similar situation in dozens of other American cities. Organized demonstrations and the unity of the press who keeps printing ever new rumors about the 45th president of the United States. And it doesn't look like it's gonna end any time soon. A committed Republican, Jeremy Nolt, who did everything he could to ensure Trump's victory in Arizona, knows all too well what the American Democrats and those teaching them democracy are capable of.

Jeremy Nolt, Republican Party Activist: «George Soros will be following Trump every step of the way. He will fight Trump, he will fight the members of his Cabinet. The worse Trump looks in the eyes of the public during the next four years, the easier it will be for Soros to make him lose in the next election».

Whether he will succeed or not, no one knows yet. For now, a petition titled Drain The Swamp is trending on The petition was started by a composer Vanessa Feltner and she already has the support of thousands of Americans. They demand to deport George Soros from the country and denaturalize his citizenship. «We the people will no longer tolerate Soros interfering and actively working against our values, He is deliberately trying to destroy our country». And also, «We want America to remain sovereign. We want to remain a Christian nation». It seems that Soros never understood that his problem is not Trump. His problem is the country he has long ago stopped calling home, or maybe he never even started.

America chose anti-Hillary, like a body stricken with a serious illness that starts producing antibodies. Non-systemic, improper, different, Donald Trump is the immune response of the country, just like Brexit is for the UK, and there are more immune responses to come all over the world. The human body, the human civilization, is resisting with all its might, trying to jump away from the abyss to which it's been dragged. But the disease called Soros — actually, it's just one of its names — didn't go anywhere. The tumor was simply driven deep inside. It's not showing on the exterior of the White House yet, but hardly anyone has hope that this tumor is benign, which means we can't let down our guard.

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