Yakov Kedmi of Israel Thinks Americans Are Losers! Failures That No Wanted in Home Country!

06 Августа 2019 06:59
Yakov Kedmi of Israel Thinks Americans Are Losers! Failures That No Wanted in Home Country!

Yakov Kedmi, public figure, Israel: What's happening now in the world? America is returning to its natural size. The United States's first error was to pin faith on its victory. It didn't win. What happened doesn't prove the United States's superiority. It only proves that the government here faced some internal problems. They had nothing to do with that. But it hastily stole the credit for it. They've always done so.

All of the United States's political and economic heft rests on the world's troubles. Before WWI, the United States was a debtor. Who went to the United States in the 19th century? Losers, fleeing their native countries. Those who couldn't succeed in life. The minority of them were escaping political pressure. For example, the Amish from Germany. So, part of the Germans, the Jews, were escaping discrimination. But mostly they were losers. Loser from Great Britain… Oh no, of course, it was the elite of the British society who went there.

— Those people sought economic opportunities.


— They were the people who failed in their native countries and left them. They were the people who had no food in Ireland, and they left for America. They were the Germans who left the cities without any industry.

— It doesn't mean they were losers.

— It was the only reason! When did foreign elites head for America? When the Nazis seized power. When Americans could afford to buy them.

— Did Rakhmaninov go there because of the Nazis? Did Rakhmaninov go there because of the Nazis?

— Rakhmaninov didn't leave for America, he just left Russia, which was in ruins.

— Rakhmaninov went to America!

— As well as Sikorsky.

— As well as Sikorsky.

— Many people did.

— Yes. So, was Rakhmaninov a loser?

— I mean the people who failed in their native countries. Including those who left the countries which collapsed. Where else could they go? Only to Australia.

The thing is that America worked out its own ideology. This ideology is vicious. It was created in the 19th century as a primitive version of tough capitalism in the United States.

— Wait, I'd like to savor this moment of absolute happiness when I witness a fierce dispute between an Israeli and an American on a Russian show. What can you say now about the lack of freedom in our country?

— Vladimir, it's quite natural, as it's primarily an argument between two Jews. And two Jews can't help but argue.

— We're like the fifth wheel here.

— America developed its own new religion, which had never existed before. And using the terms of another religion, which is geographically closer, I can say: «There is no God but money and bank is its prophet.» American society rests on this religion, this ideology. This is its foundation and life. All the rest just stems from it. And democracy is only for those who have money. And freedom is only for those who have money. And the state, I mean the social system, isn't about uniting capital goods, it must care about all its citizens. But in this community, the state doesn't have to care. Its task is to not interfere with the citizens' lives. May them live or die, whatever. The state doesn't care. The American community is very asocial if compared to Europe because it was a travesty of the European culture, its primitive reflection, a vulgarized Europe. It's the United States.

But today, America is returning its place in Europe. The world makes it do so. Other countries are developing in a natural way, not at the expense of people coming there to escape wars or brains they buy with their money. Neither China nor Russia do that. India doesn't do that. Indian brains are going back to India from the USA. As well as Chinese. They're Chinese, not Americans. So, what's going on in the world? Other countries are taking their places according to their potential power and their people's talents. The Americans don't like that. They want to retain their superiority. That's why they're trying to oppose every country that is eager to develop its potential. For example, India, Japan, China, Russia. America wants to retain its hegemony and its religion.

— You're wrong.

— There are two values that the Jewish people have ever had. First and foremost, for 2,000 years, it's been education, at any cost. Secondly, mutual assistance. But the only thing Americans adopted from Jews who arrived 100 years ago was a parochial mentality. They didn't adopt our values. I'll give you an example. The richest country in the world, Brazil. Today, it has a new president, Trump's favorite. Brazil falls short of doctors. Why? Cuban doctors are leaving Brazil as they don't like the new president. Cuba is small, poor, and oppressed by American sanctions. Cuban doctors are the best, they work all around Latin America. This is the national priority. Compare a state which lives by American standards and a state which lives by national standards. Cuba provides Latin America with top professionals, even though it's starving itself. Feel the difference. As for the American elite, that can't rule, America was pushed to expand contrary to its nature, contrary to the culture of the American government, by American monopolies, by major American companies, which have been traditionally seeking new markets since the 19th century. Companies needed new markets, and they made America expand. And the primitive political leadership did it, unaware of where it could end up and leading the country to what it is now.

Russia went through three major catastrophes in the previous century. The first was connected with the government and started in February of 1917. The government collapsed, and so did the country. The civil war followed. The second was the Great Patriotic War. No other country has gone through anything of the kind. And, thirdly, in the 1990s, the government collapsed again, together with the country. No other country has ever gone through even one such event in its history. But Russia had three of them in 100 years! You can see the result now. I guess you can draw conclusions from that.

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