RussiaGate Investigation In US Turns Up More Connections With Kiev Than the Kremlin!

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RussiaGate Investigation In US Turns Up More Connections With Kiev Than the Kremlin!

For three years, all the international media were parroting the issue of Russia's involvement in the U.S. Election. In April 2019, the report published by Special Counsel Mueller deflated the arguments about Trump's team conspiracy with the Kremlin. However, it's time to start a new investigation, this time about the involvement of Ukraine who initially supported Trump's opponent, Hilary Clinton. The so-called Russiagate is being replaced by Ukrainegate. Donald Trump has demanded to pay attention to the Ukrainian trail several times. Here, back in July 2017, his official page on Twitter featured a post:

«Ukrainian efforts to disrupt Trump's campaign were quietly working for strengthening Clinton. So, where's the investigation, Attorney General?»


Then, in March 2019, on the same page, there was a repost of an article from The Hill, featuring a gutsy heading, «As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges!»

Andrey Telezhenko can say a lot about the Ukrainian plot to help Clinton. In 2016, he was one of the advisors of the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Valeriy Chaly.

Andrey Telezhenko: «I came there as a secretary of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, I was in charge of the political line. And it was the time when the presidential election just started. Mr. Chaly ordered me to coordinate that line himself».

Telezhenko knows enough of compromising details about the work of the Embassy during the election campaign. The testimonial of a former diplomat will become a major political sensation.

Andrey Telezhenko: «I was told to search for information or dirt about Trump or his team, or Paul Manafort, about their cooperation with the Russian Mafia, with the Ukrainian Mafia, anything compromising».

People's Deputy and former supporter of Pyotr Poroshenko, Borislav Rozenblat, is another important witness who has already done a lot to uncover the Ukrainian trail in the American election.

Borislav Rozenblat: «Someone wanted to be helpful. In exchange for the future loyalty of the president towards him».

In March 2019, Rozenblat published an audio record with presumably the head of Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artyom Sytnik confesses that his agency was involved with activities to help the Democratic Party.

Borislav Rozenblat: «I helped Hillary too! Hillary is one of the politicians who will bring benefit to both America and the world. I would be better for us».

Rosenblat is making assumptions. There are big chances that Sytnik coordinated his actions with President Poroshenko personally.

Borislav Rozenblat: «Pyotr Alexeevich was taking over the country as his own corporation, and he thought of himself as the only owner. He thought that he could do anything. And Hillary Clinton was the one he went almost all-in for her. He lost. So did the country».


It's a private helicopter club in 30 miles from Washington. On the airfield, there's a stately man accompanied by a crew. He's wearing a smart suit and sunglasses. The passenger introduces himself as Mr. Artyomenko. Overseas, the Ukrainian politician and millionaire is known as one of the key witnesses in the Manafort case.

Andrey Artyomenko, former MP of the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine: «They claimed me as a proven middle man between Trump and Putin because they were communicating via Artyomenko and Manafort».

In his homeland, Artyomenko is well-known as one of the sponsors of Maydan, a former ally of Ex-President Pyotr Poroshenko who later became one of his sworn enemies.

Andrey Artyomenko: «He's a man who demonstrates his allegiance to the western ideals but actually, he's just a simple thief and criminal».

Walking near the Capitol, Artyomenko is recalling Poroshenko's visit to Trump's, which took place after the election, in June 2017.

— Would you like to say something?

— That's a great honor and great joy to be with you, my dear Mr. President.

Andrey Artyomenko: «Here's another good example of what was the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington like. When the president of the country, the president of my country no matter what's my opinion of him, was not met by the president of the USA on the meadow of the White House or even on the porch, was not welcome by the First Lady, as the International Protocol implies».

The improvised press conference was not led according to the protocol either. Pyotr Poroshenko gave it outside the fence of the White House.

Andrey Artyomenko: «There was a passionate three-minute-long speech by Poroshenko, expressing his eternal loyalty and love for Donald Trump. After everything he said and did against him during his election campaign in 2016».

Ukrainian politicians managed to say a lot of bad things about the Republican candidate in the midst of the election campaign. Arseniy Yatsenyuk blamed Trump for challenging the values of the free world.

«Donald Trump should ask for advice from the representatives of the Republican Party who very well know the meaning of the words freedom, international law, and the free world».

Oleg Lyasko doubted the candidate's level of education.

«I'm not sure if he'll be able to find our country on the map on the first try».

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov went as low as using personal insults.

«The presidential candidate Trump's shameless statement about possible recognition of Crimea as a part of Russia is a sign of a dangerous freak. And he is equally dangerous for Ukraine as he is for the USA».

Pyotr Poroshenko himself was so confident in Clinton's victory that he sent her a telegram of greetings before the results of vote count were published. That's what the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalivaychenko after resigning from Poroshenko's team.

Valentin Nalivaychenko: You know what is the funniest part? President Poroshenko sent Hillary a signed congratulatory telegram, he congratulated her on her victory in the election in the USA. Think about it! It was brought to her by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin. Just imagine!

— When was it?

— It was on the night of the vote count.

Andrey Artyomenko, who supported the Republican candidate's political program from the beginning, recalled his private and frank conversation with Ambassador Chaly.

Andrey Artyomenko: «I would ask Chaly many times, „Why does the Ukrainian government, Poroshenko the minister of the foreign affairs, and other ministers in the Ukrainian government support Clinton so actively and overtly?“ He would answer, „You know, there are economic ties, there's Pinchuk, of course, one of the Ukrainian oligarchs who plays the leading role, Pinchuk is friends with the Clintons, funds the election, they donated a lot of money to Clinton's campaign. “Anyway, Trump will never win, forget about it,“ that's how these conversations went on».

This interview with Artyomenko was filmed in June 2018. By then, he already explicitly hinted at a possible new turn in the case of interference with the elections in the USA.

Andrey Artyomenko: «In addition, the Ukrainian Embassy's official position was exclusively aimed at possibly going as far as withdrawing Candidate Trump from the upcoming presidential election, and, accordingly, doing everything they could to support his opponent, Mrs. Clinton. Moreover, there were dedicated groups who were gathering damaging information about Trump and giving that information to the election campaign team of the Democrats».

A year later, we got in touch with Artyomenko again. The former people's deputy confirms that America is paying special attention to the Ukrainian interference with the Election 2016.

Andrey Artyomenko: «I'm pleased that my humble efforts, among other things, weren't in vain, that my voice of one crying in the wilderness, practically, was heard in the end. The issue of the Ukrainegate, as I call it now, has recently nearly become the top priority in the internal politics in the USA. No doubt, it has something to do with the upcoming election».

Artyomenko forecasts the way the Ukrainian case is going to develop.

Andrey Artyomenko: «In a few upcoming months, I suppose, there will be an official press conference with the participation of the officers of the Justice Department, the officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where they'll officially announce the fact of a criminal investigation which is already underway. So, the general public will also find out about it. And then, of course, the investigation will go on according to the regulations».

In his turn, Artyomenko is ready to testify. And, in the framework of the investigation, he's ready to talk about his help in organizing the meeting of Poroshenko with Trump in the framework of the U.N. Congress in September 2016.

Andrey Artyomenko: «I did quite a lot through my contacts, through the people I knew in Trump's immediate circle, to make this meeting happen. When we got confirmation, the accord of the part of the Republican candidate, I was utterly surprised to receive a call, just a few hours prior to the upcoming meeting, it was Chaly who said that that meeting was no longer needed. Poroshenko was publicly supporting Hilary. There was a meeting with her just now. And they had just made corresponding banking statements».

Artyomenko assures that he will do everything he can to make the truth about the 2016 events known on both sides of the Atlantic. I'm confident that, in the nearest future, I'll receive a subpoena for a testimony. I know that I'm not alone, I know that a great number of Ukrainian citizens, including members of parliament and public figures, including former employees of the Ukrainian Embassy, for example, Mr. Andrey Telezhenko, who had his own opinion about what was happening in the Ukrainian Embassy and explicitly spoke up about the wrong course chosen by the country, and, most importantly, he didn't understand how it was possible to arrange a meeting with one candidate without arranging a meeting with another one, and, on top of that, criticize him publicly.”

This week, a former member of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, one of the activists and leaders of auto-Maidan, Andrey Telezhenko gave an extended interview to a Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba.

Andrey Telezhenko, former employee of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington: At the end of January of 2015, I went to the embassy and spent half a year there. I quit voluntarily because I disagree with the ambassador's actions. I'd have to hold responsibility for that later. I'm still holding it. I'm trying to bring it all to its logical end.

Being an independent political adviser now, Telezhenko can tell what was going on in the corridors of the embassy in detail.

Andrey Telezhenko: «There was Poroshenko's team there. Mr. Lozhkin tried to play his game and cooperate with the Democrats more closely than all of the official channels wished. This command was given to Mr. Chaly from the presidential administration. He was tasked to establish closer relations and cooperate with Hillary Clinton's team».

Telezhenko recalls that when he proposed not to abandon the principles of democracy and to establish contacts with representatives of the Republicans, they rebuffed.

Andrey Telezhenko: «We shouldn't interfere with it in any case because it goes over the line of any cooperation. This is us directly helping one of the candidates in another country to win. They didn't listen to me. Afterward, my relations with Mr. Chaly deteriorated».

Shortly before that, Telezhenko met with Oksana Shulyar, an assistant of Ambassador Chaly, and the representative of the Democratic party, who had Ukrainian roots, Alexandra Chalupa.

Andrey Telezhenko: «She said that she was looking for information or dirt on Donald Trump, or his team, or Paul Manafort about their collusion with the Russian and Ukrainian mafia — everything that can compromise them. They wanted to remove Mr. Trump from the elections, to hold a committee in the Senate or Congress in Washington in September, and in fact, remove that candidate from the race a month before the elections».

The information that the Ukrainian embassy's employees are collecting damaging information on the Republicans first appeared in January of 2017. Telezhenko then commented on the situation: «Their goal was to ensure that Donald Trump is removed from the election race and hold a special meeting of the U.S. Congress's committee in the autumn of 2016 and ensure that he is removed. This is exactly what I was told».

After it was published, Alexandra Chalupa denied the statements of the embassy's former employee.

«From my experience, the Ukrainian embassy has always been very cautious during elections in the U.S. to remain neutral and tried to participate in both campaigns. They've always been professionals and haven't interfered blatantly even when Manafort was concerned».

Clinton's team's leverage was the information from the so-called secret ledgers of the Party of Regions, which contained the surname of the head of Donald Trump's campaign headquarters Paul Manafort. The case of the Party of Regions' black cash fell under active investigation in May of 2016. It was half a year before the presidential elections in the U.S. The head of NABU Artem Sytnik and the people's deputy Sergey Leshchenko then gave these records from the party's so-called secret ledgers to journalists. It consisted of 841 pages. Manafort's name is used 22 times in those unofficial documents of these shadow books.

According to those records, Manafort could've embassy $12.7 million from the Party of Regions in five years. However, his signature is not present anywhere. He could've received the money through a few people, including the people's deputies Evgeny Geller and Vitaly Kalyuzhny. Here are their last names in the column «recipient».

— Kalyuzhny signed for him nine times.

— This handwriting can be seen in many places here. This is Kalyuzhny's handwriting.

— Do you know who he is?

— It isn't Paul Manafort Kalyuzhny.

— Vitaly Kalyuzhny isn't an errand boy, he used to be one but at the same time, he chaired the Verkhovnaya Rada committee on international affairs.

— When did you see it for the first time? When did you see it for the first time?

— Let me finish what I'm telling you. Vitaly Kalyuzhny was a person responsible for all of the financial matters in the Party of Regions' headquarters on Boris Kolesnikov's quota. Andrey Klyuev actually controlled that black cash. Kalyuzhny, Geller, Klyuev dealt with all those financial matters.

— I have no doubt.

— Of course, Manafort didn't come to the headquarters on Lipskaya St. with a bag where they put 20-30 bundles of banknotes because it'd be a humiliation for him. He worked with Reagan and Gerald Ford. They brought the money to him. Wait, I haven't finished yet. To withdraw that money from the black cash, the person taking the money had to sign for it. And Kalyuzhny put his signature there.

Against the background of the erupted scandal, Paul Manafort resigned as the head of Donald Trump's electoral campaign. Two years later, the case of the Party of Regions' black cash became a valid argument to convict the lobbyist.

«Paul Manafort worked for me for a very short period. He worked for many people. But he worked for me for 49 days».

This is the first time that people's deputy Borislav Rozenblat agreed to comment on the events of 2016 to Russian journalists. He's been closely monitoring the story of the Ukrainian damaging information on Manafort from the very beginning and making guesses as to how NABU could obtain the papers from the shadow books.

Borislav Rozenblat, people's deputy: «The documents were discovered in 2014 when there was a fire in the Party of Regions' building, where it had its office. Afterward, the police transferred them to the SBU. Of course, on the sixth floor in the SBU, there was a room, which was sometimes passed by American intelligence services' employees. They looked through those books, studied them. They saw a familiar last name, which was important for them, and put on that show, transferring those documents to deputy head of the SBU Pavel Trepak. Afterward, he sent them to NABU, our anti-corruption body, to Sytnik».

Rozenblat asks himself a fair question of why the documents discovered in 2014 were made public only two years later, on the eve of the American elections.

Borislav Rozenblat: «If Ukraine had been interested in those secret ledgers, at least one Ukrainian would have gotten hurt. Unfortunately, no Ukrainians got hurt. Only Mr. Manafort, an American citizen, got hurt. He is the only person, whom the whole special operation was aimed at. I think that now, Giuliani will play that Ukrainian card to show that those people tortured Trump for almost four years, telling stories of how Russia directly interfered in the elections, but in fact, it was the opposite».

According to Rozenblat, the people's deputy Sergey Leshchenko was given a special role in the story with the secret ledgers. «The Party of Regions' secret ledgers» saved the world. Manafort, hand-fed by Yanukovich, shamefully resigns. I think that Trump won't recover from such a blow. He shouted about the discovered damaging information in the hall of the Verkhovnaya Rada. These are the documents, which were made public. Mr. Trepak sent them to the NABU.”

He called a press conference for Ukrainian journalists and gave extended comments to representatives of American media.

Today, I present the papers signed by Paul Manafort. These papers are a request for payment from Yanukovich to Manafort.

Borislav Rozenblat: «I think that he does it, firstly, recklessly because when he published the first pages, they listed the entity that has always funded him, the Ukrainskaya Pravda. So, the Party of Regions allocated money to his newspaper. If a sane person looked at that list, he'd never publish it. But he didn't care because he was given a task. I think that they just used him as a tool. They told him to do that and promised money or loyal attitude of the American embassy or something else in exchange. He is a person, who has always been used as a torpedo. They gave him tasks. Our Ukrainian oligarchs have always used him. They gave him specific tasks. He'd fulfill them and would be rewarded with real estate. Then he couldn't explain how he got an apartment in the center of Kiev».

In November of 2017, Rozenblat filed a lawsuit against the NABU head Artem Sytnik and the MP Sergey Leshchenko. He demanded to declare their actions disclosing the information about Paul Manafort as illegal. He demanded to declare that as direct interference in the U.S. electoral process.

Borislav Rozenblat: «As you know, I pursued one goal in my lawsuit, these people committed a crime against the Ukrainian people. It wasn't in their interests but against them because to engage Ukraine in such a global conflict, where we depend on our strategic partner. I think that the U.S. is a very important strategic partner for us. And they played on the side of one or the other candidate. I think that it's utter nonsense».

Ukrainian journalists called Rozenblat's lawsuit an act of vengeance because earlier, NABU headed by Artem Sytnik investigated the so-called amber case against Rozenblat. He was accused of taking a bribe of $280,000. As a result, the people's deputy won the lawsuit.

Borislav Rozenblat: «I knew that I was right. I knew that I've never committed a crime. So, I was ready to go through all of the circles of hell, which I did. I knew that I'll have the court decision because if there are no facts, proofs, in any case, it's impossible to convict a person. I proved that I'm right in court. I have a court decision. I reiterate that what those people did, pursuing their personal goals while in public office, is a crime against Ukraine, in my opinion».

Rozenblat gave another piece of damaging information to Ukrainian journalists right in the corridor in the Verkhovnaya Rada after the meeting.

Borislav Rozenblat: I have reliable information that the head of our national anti-corruption body, Mr. Sytnik did give away the information about black cash to help the Democrats' candidate Hillary Clinton.

Borislav Rozenblat: On December 11th, I won the lawsuit against Mr. Sytnik and Mr. Leshchenko. Their actions to make the classified information public were declared illegal. But I didn't have the exact information. Now, I have it. Now, I'm giving you the flash drives live on camera. There is a conversation of Mr. Sytnik on them. There, he clearly states that he works for Hillary.

This was an audio recording of a dialogue of a person, whose voice is similar to Artem Sytnik's. It was supposed to become another piece of evidence of the direct interference in the elections.

Borislav Rozenblat: It was recorded in Sarnensky District, Rovenskaya Oblast. There are lots of forests there where they illegally mine amber. In the company of the underworld bosses, people that served time in prison, those people surrounded our main anti-corruption crusader in the country. So, drinking tea or probably something stronger, he showed them what a big geopolitician in our country he is, how he made decisions in favor of this or that candidate.

The consequences of the scandal for Ukraine are pretty obvious today.

Borislav Rozenblat: If the role of those people gets proved, along with the fact that they were acting on behalf of Ukraine and not on their own initiative, President Trump's reaction will be swift. He's likely to impose sanctions against Ukraine. Those will be either financial sanctions or the suspension of any military assistance the US is currently providing for Ukraine. My main task is to separate Leshchenko, Sytnik, and any other third person from the Ukrainian state so that only specific people get punished for violating the law.

On June 18, President of the US Donald Trump held a speech in front of the future voters from Florida. He officially announced the beginning of his second election campaign.

Donald Trump: The FBI told President Obama about the potential Russian interference in the elections. He did nothing because he was sure that Hillary Clinton, the poor Hillary, would win, that's why he did nothing. Nothing!

Trump's main rival will probably be Joe Biden, who was supervising Ukraine during the entire presidency of Barack Obama.

Andrey Artyomenko: I remember Biden's last speech in office. Everybody attended the speech. Everyone was listening to him like he's our king.

The US will continue supporting Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression.

Curiously enough, Trump's team will be able to find plenty of dirt on Biden in Ukraine, namely the gas scandal with Burisma. The company was owned by former Minister of Ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. One of the managers of its international branch was Biden's son Hunter.

«That's just scary».

The first one to openly talk about Zlochevsky's case was Pyotr Poroshenko's former ally, former people's deputy Alexander Onishchenko. He published a recording of his conversation with Poroshenko, in which they discuss dismissing the criminal case against the former ecology minister.

— Nikolay is ready to dismiss the debt, add it to the total sum. He asked me to convey his proposal to you.

— Nikolay is a good guy. I'll think what we can do about it. The Americans have been too excited about him lately.

Alexander Onishchenko, businessman: «We had enough evidence against Zlochevsky. His company was blocked. Prosecutor General Shokin was personally in charge of the case. However, by making Biden's son a director in his company, Zlochevsky exerted pressure against Shokin making him dismiss the criminal cases. During that period, Shokin didn't support Biden and his son. Biden was promoting Zlochevsky's interests over the course of this entire story. I believe they were partly financing Clinton's election campaign through Biden».

The story of how he fired the unfavored prosecutor Shokin, who personally supervised the investigation of the gas case, will be later shared by Joe Biden at the US Council on Foreign Relations.

Joe Biden: «I got a commitment from Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk that they'd be making the decision regarding the prosecutor general. But they didn't do it, so I told them that Ukraine wouldn't get that billion dollars».

Alexander Onishchenko: «While he was flying on an airplane, they fired the disagreeable prosecutor general, and appointed a more agreeable one. He dismissed all the criminal cases against Zlochevsky's company. They could now use the financial revenues of the company for their election campaign objectives».

Here's what Shokin himself said about his controversial resignation.

«The president told me later that it was Joe Biden's request to fire me. I told him, „How are you going to make me quit?“ I was OK with handing in my resignation. I was ready to hand in my resignation even before I was appointed prosecutor general. I didn't even want that position, it was your idea. It wasn't my idea, it was your idea to appoint me prosecutor-general. You're perfectly aware of that. How are you going to explain why I'm resigning? For health reasons».

One of the deputies forced to vote for Shokin's resignation was Borislav Rozenblat.

Borislav Rozenblat: «In exchange for Shokin's resignation, he was constantly promising to give Ukraine 1 billion dollars or 1.2 billion if it did that. Otherwise, we wouldn't have received any financial help. That was the active phase of the war, so to say, when our warriors were dying every day. We really needed that money. Ukraine didn't have much of a choice».

Alexander Onishchenko thinks that by using ultimatums to make the prosecutor general quit, Biden was also promoting his family's business interests.

Alexander Onishchenko: «As a member of the board of directors, Biden was getting paid a certain salary allegedly for the work he was doing. But he wasn't really doing anything. His job was to promote the interests of the company. He aimed to free it from prosecution and acquire some financial gain».

In May 2019, Donald Trump said that he's considering ordering the US Prosecutor General to investigate the activities of Biden Jr. in Ukraine. If he's proved to be corrupt, Biden Sr. may drop out of the presidential race. It's possible that during the next US elections, Ukraine will become an arena for the battle of the two candidates. What will be the position of Vladimir Zelensky? Will he learn from the mistakes of his predecessor Pyotr Poroshenko, who decided to bet everything on the victory of a single candidate?

Alexander Onishchenko: «As soon as they hold the parliamentary elections and replace all the key officials in law enforcement agencies, the minister cabinet, and the government, this story surrounding the US elections and the Ukrainian interference will be revealed. The people who were directly involved will all point fingers at Poroshenko, claiming that he was in charge and they were getting all their instructions from Poroshenko. Pyotr Poroshenko will have to suffer the consequences».

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