Will US Decide Who Becomes Ukrainian President? Kurt Walker Doesn’t Like Zelensky!

11 Апреля 2019 06:59
Will US Decide Who Becomes Ukrainian President? Kurt Walker Doesn’t Like Zelensky!

— Some say that the USA and NATO go overboard in their attitude towards Russia's behavior in Ukraine. The question is, why would the USA risk and provoke Russia in Ukraine which is not a NATO member? Since, as President Obama once said, Russia will always be more concerned with Ukraine than us.

Kurt Walker, U.S. State Department: What we care about and what we want is that people can be free, that people can have democracy and security. The question is not that we're poking the Russian bear with a stick because this bear has torn off a big piece of Ukraine. We want Ukraine to regain its territory and be able to exist securely within its borders. We don't threaten Russia and we don't provoke it. Our task is to ensure Ukraine's security and sovereignty. The people of Ukraine now have to choose whom they want to see running their country: a person who opposes the establishment and promises serious reforms, or someone who might have even disappointed them to some extent, yet has completed more reforms in Ukraine than anyone in the last 20 years and was able to deter Putin".

— Oh, it's clear whom Kurt Walker endorses. Vadim Valerievich, of course, is going to say, «No, he's being objective».

Vadim Tryukhan, European Movement of Ukraine: Here, it's evident that he's on Poroshenko's side, it's clearly evident.

— Oh, on a state-owned channel funded by a budget of American money.

— It's not a position, do you know what the problem is?

— Pan Vadim, please tell him that it's not really safe to poke the Russian bear with a stick.

— You'd better tell him that yourself. I'm not a lawyer.

— He's afraid to come.

— There's a nuance. Zelensky's problem is that he's not yet trusted on the international arena. I'll give you two key examples. This is the first one. They just don't get his jokes.

— Are you serious?

— The second…

— They'll trust him after he wins.

— The second one is Merkel's meeting with Poroshenko on the 12th of April.

— Pan Vadim, you're having an election, you're an independent state. The Ukrainians must make a decision: Zelensky or Poroshenko? Here comes Walker who says, «We kinda don't like Zelensky». Is this how much you care about your sovereignty?

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