Confessions! Secret Services of Ukraine Ran Black Prisons in Donbass For Political Dissidents

28 Марта 2019 06:59
Confessions! Secret Services of Ukraine Ran Black Prisons in Donbass For Political Dissidents

Now about sensational confessions of a high-ranking officer of the SBU. The secret services of Ukraine organized secret prisons on the Donbass territory that they control. On the rest of the territory, they were hunting down leaders of the DPR and LPR. Now the security service is about to rewrite the results of the upcoming presidential elections on March 31. The SBU officer produced shocking evidence in Moscow today.

See Elena Erofeeva's report about what he said.


His name was kept in secret until the last moment. Only the topic of the press conference, the situation in Ukraine after Maidan, was known. The main character is a direct participant in key events of the past five years. Materials were distributed to journalists at the end here is this folder. There are documents and photos — only part of the evidence of the crimes of the Kiev authorities which are unquestionable. His face doesn't seem familiar. He's not a politician nor a journalist. He's a former employee of the security service of Ukraine. Since May 2014, he was serving in the central office. He had access to secret information the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry. After Maidan, he began secretly working for Russia.

Vasiliy Prozorov, SBU officer in 1999-2018: «I couldn't imagine how one could serve this government from the beginning. I was against it. There won't be any happy endings for Ukraine they keep promising. They'll make things even worse. Breaking ties with Russia will be a huge blow».

The headquarters of the SBU, where Prozorov served, led the operation in the southeast. Even before the outbreak of hostilities, they developed recommendations: to abandon the image of Russians as fraternal people, to reinforce the image of Russia as a threat to the whole world in the Ukrainian propaganda, to use the Donbass peaceful population as a human shield.

Vasiliy Prozorov: «With the assistance of SBU chairman Valentin Nalyvaichenko, such monsters as Aydar, Donbass, Azov were created. He gave orders to supply these battalions with small arms. They turned a blind eye to the criminal past of those people. The crueler they are towards the Donbass population, the better it was for the Kiev authorities».

The volunteer nationalist battalions became punitive detachments. The SBU created a network of secret prisons. Prozorov was in one of them located in the building of Mariupol airport. They used to call it a «library», detained were called «books».

Vasiliy Prozorov: «There are two chilling-rooms on the ground floor. Detainees were put in these rooms. They were kept there unofficially. There were no decisions by the court, the prosecutor's office or anything of the kind. People used to pass out just from being inside the rooms. If they didn't repair the place, you can see blood soaked into the concrete there, and the walls are scratched by the nails of the detained people».

Employees of the 5th Counterintelligence Department of the SBU were in charge of sabotage and terrorist attacks in Donbass. They were trained by American and British specialists. They went to the USA for trainings and briefings.

Vasiliy Prozorov: «CIA employees are in Kiev. They are located in secret addresses, in country houses. They often come to the central office of the SBU but only to hold specific meetings or plan specific operations».

Vasiliy Prozorov is convinced: the elimination of militia commanders Givi and Motorola was also carried out by the 5th Directorate of the SBU. The headquarters developed a special operation named «spiders in a can». The goal was to compromise the political and military leaders of the unrecognized republics or eliminate them. Prozorov also thinks Ukraine was involved in the crash of Malaysian Boeing in July 2014.

Vasiliy Prozorov: «At that time, the fighting had been going on for several months. The airspace above the combat zone was not closed. I can make an assumption about who is involved. In my opinion, these are two people: current deputy head of Poroshenko's administration, the former head of the counterintelligence department Valery Kondratyuk and Vasily Burba, the current head of the intelligence department of the Defense Ministry».

He also talked about the way the presidential elections were held in Ukraine in May 2014. People were driven to the polls and forced to vote for the right candidate. Five years later, that «right» candidate is going to run for presidency again.

— Do you know anything about frauds prepared for the upcoming presidential elections Ukrainian media is talking a lot about?

Vasiliy Prozorov: «I do indeed. The automated system for holding the election is fully controlled by the Department of Computer Information Security of the SBU. Each territorial election commission will have up to five officers of the SBU who will protect the ready-made election results, ballots, and accompany them to the CEC. The SBU itself and its head Vasiliy Gritsak is a structure fully controlled by Poroshenko».

Prozorov's speech was short. That's basically everything he told in a few words. But he has enough memories about the post-Maidan Ukraine to write a book. And he's about to publish it soon.

Elena Erofeeva, Anna Kolk, Ilya Nalyotov, Andrey Karpenko, Vesti.

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