"Crazy Russian" Iceman Gives Crash Course on Cold Survival! Siberian Techniques Save Drowning Dog!

26 Марта 2019 06:59
"Crazy Russian" Iceman Gives Crash Course on Cold Survival! Siberian Techniques Save Drowning Dog!

He found a special spot on the arm and used a special breathing technique in order to not freeze in cold water. It's a master-class in Russian-style conditioning on American television. The journalist went into a lake covered with ice without hesitation and then claimed that anyone can do it. The instruction on conditioning appeared after witnesses videoed an act too brave for not-so-frost-hardy Americans.

This is footage of a rescue in a reservoir in the state of New York. Two dogs fell through the ice. Their owner could only shout and helplessly throw up her hands. When a passerby offered his help, she strongly argued him out of it. Moreover, he had to jump into the freezing water twice. Naturally, the brave man who rescued the dogs immediately became popular, and not only in the USA. French, Spanish, and even Chinese newspapers are writing about the incident in New York. But it turned out that a Russian played the role of an American superhero. They already kindly call him «Crazy Russian» on the net. His name is Timofey Yuriev.


Natalia Solovyova also got the author's instruction on survival.

— Hello, Natalia.

— Hello.

— What's the secret?

— It all requires knack, conditioning, training, and childhood spent in Siberia as it turned out.

«The Perfect Russian Rescuer». «Good Samaritan Risks His Life». American websites are full of such headlines. The hero of the articles is Timofey Yuriev from Siberia. He doesn't have a Batmobile. He doesn't wear a mask and a black cape. But it's he who is a true superhero for residents of New York. While others dial 911, he acts.

Timofey Yuriev: «We heard a cry, a woman crying, calling for someone. We went to the lake to see what happened. We saw two old, big dogs walking in the middle of the lake. And first, one of them fell through the ice just before our eyes, then the other fell».

The rescue mission was carried out on the ice of the Irvington Reservoir. The temperature of the water there isn't over 37 °F. He had to react quickly. Timofey broke the ice, and his dog showed him the way to land. It's a golden retriever named Kira. The professional lifeguards say that they did well.

Dmitry Korinny, world-class lifeguard: «Russians are generally a mysterious nation for the bigger part of the world because far not everyone can dive into a pool in winter. If a person has dived and knows what cold water is like, then there's no problem at all. We should deeply respect this man because he's a good person».

The dogs were unlikely to wait until the rescue service arrived. They both were 12 years old, which is considered to be a senior age for dogs. It's like 84 years for a human. They didn't almost have the strength to float. But none of the passers-by risked going into cold water. It's too much for Americans.

Julia Chako, U.S. resident: «No, he isn't crazy. Undoubtedly, he's a hero. What would I do in such a situation? It depends on whether it's my dog or not. I'd probably try to help. We usually call a rescue service in America».

Although Timofey Yuriev went into cold water with a warm heart but a cool head. He was trained. He and his wife practice conditioning. His grandfather, a war veteran, taught him breathing exercises.

Timofey Yuriev: «I remember how he took me from a banya when I was 7, and put me in a hole in the ice. He was a hunter from Siberia. I spent a lot of time with him when I was a child. So, I've already been acquainted with the cold».

How long a person can hold on in cold water depends on many factors. Such a dive is always a risk. When it's 36 °F and the water is practically freezing, one needs to act very quickly. When it's 39 °F, a person has 15 minutes. It's professionals that should set records. Heroic deeds require training.

Osman Delibash, world record holder for staying in freezing water: «It's possible to stay there for at least an hour motionless. I proved it myself staying motionless in an ice hole for an hour. Teaching children to give pre-medical first aid, safety basics, I always tell and stress that they should first ensure their own safety but they still should act, that is rescue».

People often risk without prior conditioning. There are many such videos on the Russian internet. Probably, heroes unjustly rarely appear in the news, their names remain unknown. For example, who rescued that cat when it was -30 °F or that mutt in Kostroma? We don't know in what Russian backwater this video was made, let alone the name of the man who risked to step on thin ice to rescue the dog.

«Tough rescue of the dog. Good job!»

The «Good Siberian» as they called him in New York proved that he's always ready to rescue drowning people, especially if he has his four-legged assistant nearby.

— This was Natalia Solovyova on the American superhero with a Siberian soul.

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