"Dead Souls" Head to the Ballot Box in Ukraine! Poroshenko Needs Supernatural Help to Win Election!

21 Марта 2019 06:59
"Dead Souls" Head to the Ballot Box in Ukraine! Poroshenko Needs Supernatural Help to Win Election!

It's two weeks left before the elections in Ukraine. The current oligarch-president Poroshenko — the one who's led the country to disintegration and poverty, the one who completely lied and got caught stealing, is so unpopular and hated that he can only rely on falsification, that is, another fraud. In general, Poroshenko is disgusting to everyone. Putin simply doesn't pick up the phone when he calls. In Europe, they communicate with him less often and reluctantly.

The Americans do it with revulsion. They call him «Porky» among themselves. Porky is a stuttering pig from a popular cartoon from the previous century. It's funny, but if we speak about Poroshenko, Americans rather have another association with him. Porky derives from the American «pork», which means «pig». It can also be translated as «swine» or «greasy». «Greasy» is a more precise definition of the current leader of Ukraine. Poroshenko is greasy, that is, slimy, deceitful, and sticky-fingered. With respect to him, «Porky» is a contemptuous nickname. This nickname is like an established reputation.


That's how Poroshenko behaves on the eve of elections. He's preparing for the cynical deception of long-suffering Ukraine, who have already been deceived by Poroshenko himself more than once. To preserve power, Porky resorts to everything: bribing, intimidation, forgery, hacking election computer systems. Today, we'll review some of those dirty technologies. But first, just for you to understand why Porky has to commit all those crimes, we'll let you feel the emotional heat in which the current election campaign takes place.

«Shame! Shame! Shame!»

This is Chernigov Oblast. The young people are furious nationalists, deceived veterans who fought in Donbass on the Ukrainian side. While they shed blood there, Poroshenko and his pals transferred money to their offshore bank accounts due to corruption schemes in the defense industry system. When journalists began to publish the first pieces of evidence, they reminded Pyotr Poroshenko that he promised to cut off the hands of those who steal from the army.

Pyotr Poroshenko, President of Ukraine: «We'll cut off hands of those who steal from the army. This is the president's position».

When it turned out that corruption schemes in the defense industry were controlled by his closest friend and business partner, Svinarchuk, who later changed his surname, it became clear to everyone that Poroshenko himself took part in and benefited from it, and Svinarchuk remained free. And what now? Deceived veterans chase Poroshenko throughout the country, and he goes around with election rallies. They sabotage those rallies, chanting, «Where are the severed hands?!» It's funny. Poroshenko carries around thousands of policemen in helmets, has a stage fenced, wants to habitually make promises to people whom he himself robbed, but something else sounds louder: «Put prowlers behind bars. Put the Svinarchuks behind bars!»

Realizing that he can't count on sincere support from the voters, Poroshenko decided to literally bribe people who were brought to poverty. To this end, a network of paid agitators works throughout Ukraine who, acting on behalf of Poroshenko, squeeze money from local budgets for material support only to those who promise to cast their vote correctly. This program is cynically called Turbota, which can be translated as «Care». This is what Minister of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov said about it. He's now on bad terms with Poroshenko.

Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: «The money for the Turbota program is allocated from our budget. They ask heads of the district council, mayors, heads of the district administration, whether money is allocated from their budgets, and it's allocated. Then, they give them a list of, let's say, 30 people who said yes to them and tell to pay 1,000 hryvnias to them».

The network of paid recruiters acting on behalf of Poroshenko is bribing robbed people, who're already poor, with their own money from the budget. It isn't even from the electoral fund of presidential candidate Pyotr Poroshenko. It's impossible to come up with a more brazen way to use an administrative resource. But Porky did it. Throughout Ukraine, lists of «dead souls» are made, whose votes are supposed to go to Poroshenko in the voting. To this end, by decree from above, local officials identify citizens who left to work abroad. The lists go to the territorial election commissions so that they could make falsified ballots to be «stuffed» in the ballot boxes in favor of Poroshenko. And this is millions of votes. They're millions of those who are now working in Russia and millions of Ukrainian migrant workers in the West. So, in Dnepropetrovsk alone, at the direction of Mayor Filatov, the number of people living in the city on the electoral rolls was 400,000 more than in reality.

Poroshenko also took care so that his fictitious victory can't be challenged in the courts. The old team is working on it. Thus, President Poroshenko's administration gave $5 million in cash to the former head of the Ukrainian CEC, Sergey Kivalov, to bribe judges so that they'll block the claims of competitors, whether it's from Zelenskiy, Tymoshenko, Boyko, or Gritsenko. They hope that the relationships of trust between Sergey Kivalov and the judges and millions of dollars in cash will provide Poroshenko with a guarantee in the courts.

As for the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, it was formed in violation of all norms so that it doesn't include representatives of the opposition bloc and the majority of its members are supporters of Poroshenko. CEC Chairwoman Tatyana Slipachuk is so close to Poroshenko that she celebrated this New Year's with Porky. District election commissions also include mainly Poroshenko's supporters. To this end, an additional 15 people were technically registered as presidential candidates. They're «dead souls» too. But according to the law, each of them has his own representative in the district election commission. Those people are all bribed by Poroshenko. This is enough to either change the figures in the ballots for the necessary ones or to simply recognize the elections in a certain territory as failed.

There's another detail. Poroshenko's territorial election headquarters received bags of written-off cash totaling 34 billion hryvnias. There are old, worn, soiled, torn bills which the National Bank of Ukraine, according to the rules, took out of circulation and must have recycled because they're unusable. But it didn't recycle them. By the decision of Poroshenko, it sent the money to its election headquarters for corruption purposes. 34 billion hryvnias. This is comparable with all of Ukraine's military expenses for a year. This is a huge sum of literally dirty money for Poroshenko's dirty goals. That's what he calls elections. Poroshenko's accomplices are so sloppy that they didn't even bother to tear the National Bank's tags off of the bags of dirty money. It's clear that an increase in the money supply will depreciate the hryvnia. At the end of the last week, it already got cheaper and fell below the psychological threshold of 27 hryvnias per dollar.

To imagine Porky's level of sophistication and the perfidy that he's ready to act with, it suffices to recall the story of coal from the American state of Pennsylvania. We showed how Poroshenko met American coal in the port of Odessa. Then it was a show. It's like they're done with coal from Russia and the besieged Donbass. But this was a corrupt business scheme by Pyotr Poroshenko, as well. He dragged even U.S. President Donald Trump into it.

Listen carefully now. During Poroshenko's only working visit to the USA in history, when he briefly met with Trump, for a mere 20 minutes, nervously slapping his knee, Porky managed to agree on supplying millions of tons of American coal from Pennsylvania to Ukraine. In all of that time, less than 200,000 tons at a price of $117 per ton were supplied to Odessa. Then, under the Pennsylvania certificate of quality, coal from Russia and Donbass was supplied to Ukraine at a price twice as low. This means that Kiev has raised prices for American coal for the population. The people paid their bills and Poroshenko's gang shoved the difference in the price of coal through offshores and into their pockets. It turns out that Trump was part of the scheme. But he didn't earn anything. Or, he probably hasn't understood yet that he was used.

However, let's talk about the election campaign. For Porky, it 's beneficial to reduce the turnout of young people to the polling stations. To this end, Poroshenko's bots spread a rumor on the internet that young men would be «swept up» directly from the polling stations into the army and to the front in Donbass. It's clear that they aren't happy about this prospect. Porky plans to take 1-2% from Zelenskiy via this.

In addition to it, Poroshenko's team is discussing the idea of ​​making Friday a day off on the eve of Sunday's elections. If so, students can leave big cities for their hometowns where they are no longer registered as voters. This acts against Zelenskiy too. Meanwhile, the youth of Ukraine understands these tricks and forms groups against death which Poroshenko is associated with (he brings war and poverty) and for the future. Students mostly support Zelenskiy.

Tymoshenko's electorate is older. Boyko and Gritsenko have their own groups of supporters. But their common task now is to not let Porky into the second round, to expose his dirty methods right now. This is of crucial importance.

If they fail, the situation will be complicated. Passing to the second round, Poroshenko and his gang will feel their own impunity, rejoice, and will be ready to create any kind of mayhem. Here, everything will be decided by physical strength. We wouldn't like any bloodshed to take place.

So far, there is a chance to get rid of Porky on March 31st. Judging by the real Ukrainian ratings that Vesti Nedeli has at its disposal, the balance of power following last week's results is as follows: Vladimir Zelensky is at 22.7%; Yulia Timoshenko is at 13.6%; Pyotr Poroshenko is at 13.3%; Yuriy Boyko is at 7.9%.

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