Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address Was Sternest in Years! Russia Done "Knocking on Closed Doors!"

23 Февраля 2019 06:59
Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address Was Sternest in Years! Russia Done "Knocking on Closed Doors!"

The American media called the Russian leader's address to the US partners «a stern warning.» They also noted Putin's proposition to access the risk before making any counter-Russia decisions, as well as his avouchment to establish a dialogue. When setting priorities in the external policy, the President emphasized: «Aspiring for peace, Russia is ready to respond to the threats to its security.»

Alexandr Balitskiy has the details.


Reacting to the USA's unilateral withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which jeopardized strategic stability not only in Europe, Vladimir Putin has promised earlier to give a mirroring response. Today he cleared everything up again. Putin said, «Yes, the treaty is outdated as it set limitations only on Moscow and Washington». Meanwhile, other countries could, and were actually increasing their missile capabilities. However, the States should have acted in an honest way instead of using strained accusations against Russia.

Vladimir Putin: “They should have better done as they did in 2002 when they withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. That was OK. They did it openly and in an honest way. For better or for worse is a different question. I believe, for worse. But they just did it. They should have done the same now, to act in an honest way. But how did they actually act? They violate everything, find excuses, and then appoint the guilty parties, mobilizing their satellites at that, who are quietly yet distinctly oinking along with the Americans.”

The leader of the country once again cites the actual facts that prove that Washington was aiming for the withdrawal from the treaty. Those very launchers which have been deployed in Romania and are about to be deployed in Poland. They're fit to launch not only Tomahawk Missiles but banned missiles as well. It's a direct violation of Clauses 4 and 6. Now, Russia is not going to restrict itself either. However, Putin says, it is not going to be the first to deploy such missiles in Europe. Until the USA do it. And it would be a forced response.

Vladimir Putin: «I'm saying as early as today, directly and openly, to prevent others from blaming us later. To make everyone understand beforehand, what I'm talking about here. Russia will be forced to create and deploy weaponry of the type that can be used not only against the territories presenting a corresponding direct threat but also against the territories which house the hubs of decision-making regarding orders of using missile complexes presenting a threat to us. By their tactic and technical capabilities, including fight-in time to the said operation hubs, this weaponry will fully correspond to the threats that are aimed against Russia. We know how to do it, and we will immediately implement these plans as soon as the corresponding threats against us become real».

We do have something to respond with. The prospective sample of weaponry, that were the subject of the last year's address, are being continually developed. And these are not just, as Western media put it, «pictures.» The Kinzhal complex with an air-launched 1,200-mile range ballistic missile that reaches its target in 10 minutes is already supplied to the army. Laser weapon Peresvet, based on new physical principles, hypersonic Avangard: one these days they will be supplied to the first of the missiles regiments. Intimidating Sarmat is also ready to start its combat watch… Strategic missile silo-launched complex of the fifth generation with a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile easily overpasses the deployed BMD systems over the South Pole.

Sergey Shoygu, Minister of Defense: «The principal advantage of the newest Russian systems is their invisible efficiency. Meanwhile, our counterparts abroad are aware that our solutions are 100 times cheaper than any systems deployed against us, including but not limited to the USA's BMD systems».

It was exactly the task set by the President when he demanded to adjust the defense order without an additional funding burden and to avoid getting dragged into an arms race. That's why existing weaponry is becoming land-based, ensuring that it can be launched not only from vessels but from the land as well. They're to be supplied to the Poseidon submarine drone this coming spring. The first nuclear submarine with an unlimited range complex is ready to float out. Today, the Ministry of Defense has demonstrated for the first time the footage of a successful test.

Vsevolod Khmyrov, rear-admiral: «Poseidon allows for devaluing the USA's efforts in creating a global ballistic missile defense, mainly its marine component. The Poseidon Submarine Drones are extremely hard to detect let alone intersect.»

And today, Russian designers have enough of similar solutions. Putin told about yet another one.

Vladimir Putin: «Do you remember me saying last time, that I could not yet announce more of our inventions? Now we are going to gradually tell what else we have in stock. Namely, I would like to tell about the Zircon Hypersonic Missile that reached 9 Mach speed and has a range of over 620 miles, and is capable of reaching both sea-based and land-based targets».

It can be launched both from the sea and from submarines. By 2027, the Russian fleet will have received 20 vessels of various types. All of this is but for the protection of the national interests. No matter how hard Washington is trying to dismount the established system of international security by proclaiming Moscow to be the main threat.

Vladimir Putin: «I'm telling you straight, it is not true. Russia wants to have a comprehensive, equal, and friendly relationship with the USA. Naturally, they have the right to think whatever they wish. But do they know how to count? They must. So, let them count the range and speed of our prospective weaponry systems. We're only asking to do that. Let them count first. And only then they can make the decisions that might create new serious threats to our country and, naturally, might lead to responsive measures on the part of Russia whose security will be certainly and definitely ensured».

It was a clear signal.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR Party leader: «We're not intimidating, we're rattling sabers. These are responsive measures. 'Let's negotiate, let’s work together peacefully.' He's just settled the military matter.»

Gennadiy Zyuganov, Communist Party leader: «Our gun powder must be always dry. The last time, we showed the models of the weaponry, now we've shown that we're starting to supply them».

Konstantin Kosatchov, the Federation Council: «Putin's main signal is that there's time to negotiate, but for that, there must be mutual political will and mutual practical actions. It can't be unilateral».

Putin has sent another kind of signal to Washington as well. Today, he repeated it.

Vladimir Putin: «We are ready to conduct negotiations in the disarmament field. But we will not knock on a closed door anymore. We'll wait until our partners gather their head and realize that an equal duologue is necessary in this matter».

Only this scenario will grant peace, and, therefore, long-term and sustainable development.

Alexandr Balitskiy, Alexandr Ivankov, Yuliya Shchedrova, Vladimir Ozerov, Vesti.

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