Poseidon Rules the Ocean Again! Putin Announces Deployment of New Underwater Drone!

22 Февраля 2019 06:59
Poseidon Rules the Ocean Again! Putin Announces Deployment of New Underwater Drone!

And another good example is the new unmanned underwater vehicle Poseidon. Vladimir Putin announced its creation in his previous address. It has successfully completed its trials. The first submarine carrying this system will be launched this spring.

Georgy Podgorny has studied the experts' opinions and the characteristics of the new weapon.


The scourge of the seas and oceans, Poseidon will soon be delivered to the military. The sea-based system will basically undermine all of the US's efforts to create a global anti-missile defense system, including its sea-based component. In a plain language, absolute military superiority is unachievable.

Vladimir Putin: «I'd like to make an important remark. Nothing has been said about this earlier, but it's possible to do so today. In the spring of this year, the first nuclear-powered submarine carrying this unmanned vehicle will be launched. The work is proceeding in accordance with the schedule».

In his address, Vladimir Putin noted that all of the advanced weapons aren't just models or drawings now. In technical terms, they've been made of iron. Some of them are already in operation.

Sergei Shoigu, Defense Minister: «The main advantage of the most advanced Russian systems is their unachievable effectiveness. Our foreign colleagues realize that our developments are many times cheaper than any systems being deployed against us, not just the United States' anti-missile defense system».

The president announced the creation of the Poseidon in his previous address to the Federal Assembly. He talked about the unmanned underwater apparatus, which can travel at great depth, at a speed which is several times faster than other submarines and has intercontinental range. The most important is that they can be nuclear-armed.

Vsevolod Khmyrov, Rear Admiral (Retired): «We should note the absolutely smart sequence of tests of the Poseidon system. This is the full cycle of bench tests, including the tests of the unique nuclear power unit. Afterward, there were comprehensive field tests at sea».

Speaking of the implementation of other plans, the Defense Ministry notes that the infrastructure for the missile division in Orenburg Oblast is being developed. The first regiment to have the Avangard system will be deployed there. This division will enter combat duty this December.

Vladimir Zakharov, Ph.D. in Military Sciences: «This year, the missile troops will have a missile system equipped with a winged glider which can hit a target at hypersonic speed and whose trajectory isn't ballistic but through the dense layers atmosphere. The anti-missile defense being developed by the US is powerless against the maneuvering potential of the Avangard system».

In addition to that, after the president's speech, the defense minister also talked about the readiness of another weapon that was considered promising not long ago.

Sergei Shoigu: «The sea trials of the unmanned underwater apparatus Poseidon have been successfully completed. The crew of the submarine carrying Poseidons has undergone training. The crews of MiG-31 airplanes armed with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles have made over 380 flights, practicing air patrols over the Black and Caspian Seas. We've begun the next phase of tests of the missile of the Sarmat system».

The main feature of the Sarmat is its practically unlimited range. The missile can fly over both the North and South Poles. In addition, it can be armed with the Avangard hypersonic vehicle.

Oleg Usatenko, Ph.D. in Military Sciences: «The implementation of the plans to create the Sarmat missile system which can circumvent both any modern or future anti-missile defense systems, will bring the existing Strategic Missile Troops new capacities for nuclear deterrence in any conditions».

The main objective of this large-scale project is to guarantee the military security of our country. It's also important to not increase budget expenditures for this and to not be dragged into an arms race.

Georgy Podgorny for Vesti.

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