Prank or Psy-Op? Skripal Mystery Deepens as Random Russian Flag Flown Over Salisbury Cathedral!

21 Февраля 2019 06:59
Prank or Psy-Op? Skripal Mystery Deepens as Random Russian Flag Flown Over Salisbury Cathedral!

«You should ask Scotland Yard about it». This is how the Foreign Office responds to Russian media requests to comment on Sergey Skripal's health status. Judging by British newspapers headlines, it has worsened. However, the question of why the Russian flag appeared on the Salisbury Cathedral the very day the media wrote about Skripal remained unanswered.

Alexander Khabarov will continue.


British detectives are puzzling over who needed to fly the flag on the Salisbury Cathedral. The 32 feet by 23 feet cloth was attached to the scaffolding put up around the cathedral for the restoration period. The flag was there for several hours after which it was removed by the workers. The locals are quite displeased with the trick.

«I think this is childishness. Maybe they did it to get someone angry or get some attention».

The Russian Embassy in London expressed indignation as well.

Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the UK: «It's a well-prepared provocation. It's clear that someone wanted to associate Russia with what happened in Salisbury once again».

The Wiltshire County police are now carefully studying the recordings of surveillance cameras. Given that there aren't many of them near the cathedral, the response should be prompt. Although everything related to the so-called Salisbury incident is shrouded in mystery. There isn't any news on the progress of the investigation from Scotland Yard. Official information was replaced by leaks on the pages of British newspapers. Journalists cite anonymous sources in the British intelligence agencies.

One of the last anonymous letters appeared in the newspaper The Sunday Times, which reported that Sergei Skripal's health is deteriorating.

«He is now being treated at home. No one knows what will happen to him further because little is known about the influence of the nerve agent on the body and how it can reveal itself in the future».

The Sunday Times writes that Sergei Skripal receives medical care at home, that is, in a secret refuge in the UK despite the fact that British intelligence agencies wanted to transport him to the USA. His daughter Yulia, according to the newspaper, feels fine.

Alexander Yakovenko: «A number of experts who are very attentive to the publications proceed from the fact that public opinion may be being prepared to learn that his condition will be very bad. We don’t know if Yulia Skripal, a Russian citizen, will ever be able to return to Russia».

The parents of Don Sturges, who, according to the official story, died last year from Novichok poisoning, don't understand why the British government is keeping everything secret.

«I want justice from our government. What are they hiding? I don’t think they've given us all the facts. If anyone, I blame the government for putting Skripal in Salisbury».

It is known that Don Sturges was cremated in Porton Down, the secret chemical laboratory of the British Department of Defense. It means the official story of her death can't be proved by any means.

Alexander Khabarov, Ilya Mordyukov, Vesti, the UK.

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