Peace Talks: Lavrov to Meet With Japanese Colleague Today, Makes Early Demands!

15 Января 2019 06:59
Peace Talks: Lavrov to Meet With Japanese Colleague Today, Makes Early Demands!

Sergey Lavrov is to hold peace treaty talks with his Japanese colleague today in Moscow. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Tokyo has made a number of controversial statements ahead of the meeting, trying to make it sound as the issue has already been resolved. This means escalating tensions. Japan also asked Russia not to hold a joint press conference, but then changed its mind.


Extract from «Night with Vladimir Solovyov»

Maria Zakharova, Russian MFA Spokesperson: «We had an agreement that tomorrow's talks between the two ministers would end with a press conference. Why? To discourage any kind of speculation over this issue. To prevent other countries, dishonest journalists, and professional provocateurs from using the talks to try and create a new, fake reality by utilizing the „system of controlled information leaks“, which is the latest know-how.

Our Japanese colleagues then insisted that the press conference should be canceled. We asked them why. To keep the talks confidential. We thought it was reasonable since it would be the first round of negotiations. It has been agreed that the two sides would simply express their views and listen to each other out before beginning a dialogue. So their position seemed quite logical.

This morning, however, the Japanese diplomats sent out invitations to numerous media representatives. To a closed-door briefing scheduled for tomorrow night. How do you like that kind of approach? This isn't the Japanese approach. This approach isn't Japanese. And we perfectly understand this».

Tokyo also sent its special envoy to the United States to hold consultations. The Russian Foreign Ministry is puzzled: what does the US have to do with this? Zakharova pointed out that in both Japan and the USA, there are people who are trying to rewrite the results of World War II. Polls show that a high percentage of the Japanese youth is not aware that Japan fought on Nazi Germany's side. They haven't heard of the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army and don't know that Japan lost the war and capitulated. Another thing they aren't aware of is that Russia's sovereignty over the southern Kuril Islands was declared in international agreements, signed after the defeat of the Axis powers. It's worth noting that the Charter of the United Nations recognizes those agreements as legitimate.

Maria Zakharova: For instance, from 1942 to 1943, Japan violated our borders hundreds of times, including both our land and sea borders. Numerous acts of sabotage were committed on our territory, etc. etc. So whose side was Japan on in World War II?

– The answer is clear.

– Don't shrug your shoulders. To whom is it clear?

— That's a fair question. A lot of people don't actually know this.

– Exactly. A new reality is being formed.

– Many have forgotten the term «Axis».

— That's precisely my point. You and I may know this, our parents may know this, but the Japanese youth have no clue. Let me remind you that Japanese history museums don't keep any information on who was behind the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As if it was a matter of historical debates.

– Martians must have done it.

— A new reality is being formed. I'm talking about a new historical, political, and informational reality.

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