Washington is Absolutely Apoplectic! Russian Avanguard Hypersonic Missile System Surprises Pentagon!

30 Декабря 2018 06:59
Washington is Absolutely Apoplectic! Russian Avanguard Hypersonic Missile System Surprises Pentagon!

— In fact, we haven't yet realized what happened yesterday in terms of a global upheaval in weaponry. The Americans seem to have realized that sooner. They admitted that they're helpless against our new weapon. They'll be helpless for at least four years. I'm talking about the new hypersonic missile Avangard which can literally circumvent any anti-aircraft or anti-missile defense systems of an enemy. There's some tension in the American media. Let's watch the video.

«President Putin has tested a new intercontinental missile. He used it to test Donald Trump. Russia says that the new missile can carry nuclear warheads and fly up to 20 times faster than sound. The Pentagon hasn't confirmed the data but confirms that America is vulnerable».


John Hyten, Commander of the US Strategic Command: «There aren't any systems which could protect us if such weapons are used against us».

«Now, the Pentagon urgently needs to develop a similar weapon».

«A hypersonic weapon completely changes the balance of power. That's why it's very important for us to have it».

— How soon could we deploy such a system?

— I think we'll be able to deploy hypersonic weapons by 2023.

«An arms race is underway. That's how Putin wished a Merry Christmas to us».

— Vladislav Vladislavovich… What does it mean? Why have they become so tense? Can you explain to us in simple language what it means? We see something taking off and we realize that it's something incredible.

Vladislav Shurigin, military expert: There are simple intercontinental ballistic missiles. Their trajectory can be calculated. That means that once it reaches outer space, its warheads separate. By its trajectory, its targets can be determined. They can be determined with an accuracy of 30 feet within a few seconds once the warheads separated. By the elements of its trajectory, the direction can be determined. The Avangard belongs to a completely new generation of weapons. So, reaching outer space…

— This is serious, right?

— Right, this is serious. Reaching outer space, it flies like, I'd say, how a stone skips across a surface of water. It glides through the upper atmosphere at hypersonic speed. First, there aren't any systems that can intercept such objects flying at hypersonic speed. All of the modern and potential systems can function within certain speed limits.

— It's 20 times faster than sound.

— Secondly, its main advantage that one can control it. It means that it can follow a complex trajectory. Well, there are some habitual trajectories between the Soviet Union and the USA, for example, which have been calculated for decades. In this case, the Avangard…

— They're habitual but haven't been tested.

— Thank God.

— Thank God. The Avangard depicted there, let's say that the picture is accurate. It can be sent to any place on the planet, in any direction. It can be directed even towards the North Pole. It'll make its way around the planet and hit the target. In fact, it can circumvent any zones protected by anti-missile defense systems. It can reach hypersonic speed, meaning that even without nuclear warheads, its kinetic energy is so strong that if the famous system NORAD, which is now tracking Santa Clause, is hit by the Avangard, if it's attacked, that facility will be destroyed. It's the facility…

— Let's not give concrete geographic examples because they'll…

— I'm trying to explain what it's capable of when it isn't carrying nuclear warheads. I Understand.

— Are you happy now that we can finally relax, live in peace, develop our economy, make people happy in our own country because our country is now fully protected and invulnerable?

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