Hitting a New Low: Ukrainian Army Films Drone Strikes in Donbass and Sets It to Catchy Russian Tune

08 Ноября 2018 06:59
Hitting a New Low: Ukrainian Army Films Drone Strikes in Donbass and Sets It to Catchy Russian Tune

Our program «60 Minutes» is live. About the most important things.

— The armed forces of one of the strongest, as they say, armies of Europe, I mean Ukraine, started using the experience of international terrorists in Donbass. They bomb everything they can with the use of drones and the same way they take video reports on their own treachery online.


They stole the tactics from terrorists and music for their propaganda videos from the «aggressor». Let's have a look (a remake of a DDT song, a Russian rock band).

«Hey, Russian!

What are you doing?

You've spoiled our lives with the Russian world.

Your brotherhood is ravaging our country!

What the f***! We are in captivity in our homeland.

Our soul is burning!

Russia, get out!”

— They've stolen our secret service badge as well. Let's say they were creative. Funny guys serve in Ukraine's army. They think it's funny, but we don't. They engaged in the provocation near the borders of our country and our Crimea which is so extensive it's unbelievable. We don't know what to think. Turchynov decided to close the airspace over the Black Sea to fire from the old Soviet air defense systems. We realize how dangerous such exercises can be. We remember all their successful launches. We realize what Ukrainian servicemen are. Their skill level is notorious. Let's listen to Turchynov.

»The first launch. Direct hit! Excellent! NATO standard".

Aleksandr Turchynov: «Control tests of anti-aircraft missile systems were carried out, which underwent a deep modernization at the domestic enterprises of the military-industrial complex. Our troops demonstrated high skills, effectively eliminating air targets at different distances. The restoration of the air defense system is one of the most pressing problems of the security and defense sector for our country».

— Let's look into it. Igor Yurievich, explain to us, please. How come they shut down the sky over our economic zone. But we'll analyze this later. What do they want? Are they preparing for war with Russia?

Igor Korotchenko, Natsionalnaya Oborona, Editor-in-Chief: Ukraine is preparing for war with Russia. More precisely, not Ukraine but the policymakers that are in charge of the country. The exercise itself is of an absolutely provocative nature. I want to remind you Ukraine is the only country in the world, besides the USA, which has shot down several civil aircraft. First, during the launch of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile system S-200, a Russian passenger plane Tu-154 was shot down over the Black Sea. Everyone died. There were citizens of Russia, Israel, and other states. This happened when our alleged ally President Kuchma was in power. Ukraine has not officially recognized the fact of the destruction of the aircraft. Although, the citizens of Israel were paid all the necessary compensation on behalf of Ukraine. Second, they shot down the passenger Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass by the crew of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile system Buk M1 which had been deployed at the scene the day before and, while undergoing combat training, apparently due to negligence, the missile was launched at the time when combat training was carried out by a real Ukrainian anti-aircraft system.

Ukraine denied its participation in both accidents. But I shall say Ukraine showed the Buk M1 at the recent military parade in Kiev. Moreover, the Ukrainian Buks M1 were used during the exercise. Probably they were exactly the ones that shot down the Malaysian Boeing. There's another danger. The newest Ukrainian anti-aircraft system, which was produced during the Soviet era, is 35 years old or even more.

— They say they have new cruise missiles.

— It's been 35 years. Throughout this time, there has been no supervision, no post-sales support or maintenance. Nothing was upgraded. For the last two years, Ukraine, after having attempted to get spare parts for the S-300 in Russia, the FSB caught a whole series of Ukrainian emissaries who were engaged in economic espionage. The supply chain was cut short. I mean the illegal supply chain from Russia to Ukraine. Then Ukraine started a modernization process on its own. We all remember how the new Ukrainian Molot mortar exploded during tests and destroyed its combat crew. But here, we're talking about complex anti-aircraft systems even though they're from the Soviet era. These Ukrainian DIY guys fixed something, launched something. Good news they didn't shoot down anyone again.

— Lest we forget they have battle experience. They shot down our aircraft in Georgia in 2008.

— Yes, they used the same Buk M1 systems. They still deny it. So this modernization is dangerous. They don't have supervision on the part of the designers who are all in Russia, by the way. Ukraine did it on its own. It interfered in the combat control circuit, it upgraded missiles, radars, launch complexes. No one knows what they did there. It means any civil passenger aircraft which flies over Ukraine along established international routes can be shot down by those people who have dubious professional skills. We remember the Ukrainian Buk hit a business center during a parade. It's the simplest thing to do! You just drive it but they failed anyway! But here we have a combat crew… If they are on daily combat duty, any foreign aircraft can be shot down. It's just dangerous!

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