Would Founding Fathers Approve of What USA Has Become? Russian Pundits Don't Think So!

24 Октября 2018 06:59
Would Founding Fathers Approve of What USA Has Become? Russian Pundits Don't Think So!

On Friday, US Justice Department charged Russian citizen Elena Husyaynova with interfering in the upcoming congressional elections. Allegedly, she entered into a conspiracy to «sow discord in the American political system» by «spreading misinformation» and «provoking disputes» over a wide spectrum of resonant issues. This is nonsense. Disputes in the USA arise for a variety of reasons, even without Russians.

Our own correspondent Valentin Bogdanov's reporting on the atmosphere in America.


It's three weeks before the congressional elections and two before Halloween, but the «Brooklyn witches» are already on the hunt. A witch-hunt. A curse on the new member of the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, who was labeled as a rapist by American liberals and who was supported by Donald Trump, was proposed by the owner of a spiritualistic literature shop. Not only like-minded but also those who haven't decided on their gender came to the call.

— Why is it all about Kavanaugh, the judge?

— He represents the energy we don't really like.

But the Sabbath ended up going wrong. Without waiting for magical items, witch sympathizers started swearing. They tried to shout down members of the neighboring church community. They didn't like the idea of cursing anyone for the sake of politics. They had to call the police.

«It's the right thing to do. Who are we to decide? We aren't gods».

The witches themselves claim that Kavanaugh is not their first case. They have cursed Trump three times already. In the state of Montana, where the American president flew to stump for Republican candidates, New York ill-wishers had followers. On the hills and roofs near the airport, they laid out the letters «LIAR» and «IMPEACH» in large letters. Trump didn't take a good look at it. He received a warm welcome on the ground.

Donald Trump: «This will be an election of Cavanaugh, the caravan, of law and order, and common sense. That's what it's going to be».

A caravan of migrants, which Trumps spoke about, moved out of the city of San Pedro Sula, which is in Honduras. For a week, people crossed Guatemala and entered into a confrontation with Mexican law enforcement officers. The crowd was stopped on the bridge near the border river of Suchiate. But this is not for long.

Juan Carlos Montejo, immigrant: «Like everyone else, I'm going for to the American Dream. There are 6,000 people in the caravan. Our goal is to get to the USA».

The American president is holding emergency meetings and is even ready to deploy the army against the refugees. At the meetings, Trump accounted what's happening because of the Democrats' machinations.

Donald Trump: «As we speak, the Democrats are openly calling on millions of illegal outsiders to violate our laws, break our borders and overwhelm our nation».

This is an evening in the New York outskirts. There are potential voters emerging from the twilight every now and then rushing to a pre-election meeting. Mexican immigrant Sicier Robles doesn't speak English well yet but he has an American passport, which means he can vote, of course, not for the Republicans.

Sicier Robles: «We need to change this country because there are a lot of laws that reject immigrants, economy, diversity. Many people are miserable».

Robles is hoping for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She was declared a rising star of American politics. The young socialist began with Bernie Sanders, but she soon set out on an independent voyage. The sensational victory in the primaries over Democratic competitor Joe Crowley, who was on the Capitol Hill for almost ten years, almost guaranteed Ocasio-Cortez a place in the House of Representatives. Only something very extraordinary can prevent her from being elected. For example, aliens who will think to again appear in Queens. This is the recognizable scenery from the film «Men in Black», which, by the way, is still in the territory of the 14th Congressional District, which Ocasio-Cortez is going to represent in Congress. Fantastic changes in the life of Alexandria have already occurred. Recently a newcomer, now she is a frequent guest on CNN and on Stephen Colbert's and Jimmy Kimmel's popular American shows. Ocasio-Cortez thinks of herself as of a progressive politician. We decided to check the frontiers of the progress by asking a simple question.

— If you are elected to Congress, will you try to improve the relations between our countries?

— I'm sorry, we can't talk about it.

— We'd just like to know.

— No comment.

Our cameraman wasn't allowed inside. Apparently, they were afraid of Russian intervention in the conversation about global warming. Ordinary participants in the conversation gave us the cold shoulder as well.

«I'd rather not comment».


Two years of talking about the «Russian threat» developed corresponding reflexes in people. In order to keep them active in the future, the US Department of Justice is filing new charges. This time against St. Petersburg resident Elena Husyaynova. The US authorities believe that it was she who was an accountant for internet trolls who allegedly sowed turmoil in American society. Trump has responded already.

Donald Trump: «It has nothing to do with my campaign. It's probably hackers like Hillary Clinton rather than me».

Political preferences are now separating not only hackers but rappers as well.

Donald Trump: «Well, how do you like it in the Oval Office?»

Kanye West: «It is good energy in here!»

Rapper Clifford Harris, also known as T.I., started a beef with fellow rapper, Kanye West, who dared not only to try on the famous cap but also by personal example to refute the prevailing opinion among American liberals about the racist entrenched in the White House. For some reason, however, it was Melania Trump that caught most of the flak from Harris The action of the video takes place in the Oval Office. In front of the rapper, a woman who looks like the US first lady is dancing indecently. Then she climbs onto the desk. The face isn't visible, but it isn't difficult to see the inscription on the jacket “I really don't care. Do you?” The real Melania once wore the same one. The White House called for a boycott of the arrogant performer, and the fake Melania, whose name is, coincidentally, Melanie, is now complaining of persecution.

The star of the Mutant X and Alphabetical Sex movies felt confident in the genre of political satire for a couple of days.

«God bless America, Russia, and the Trumps».

Quite likely, American voters wouldn't believe the Canadian actress.

— Are you following the investigation on the Russian interference?

Noel Burkovski, farmer: «Not much, I've heard of it but I think it's some kind of nonsense».

Valentin Bogdanov, Ivan Utkin, Denis Lisitsyn, Vesti Nedeli, the USA.

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