No Preventing This Split! Turkish Patriarchate Confirms Decision to Recognize Breakaway Church!

16 Октября 2018 06:59
No Preventing This Split! Turkish Patriarchate Confirms Decision to Recognize Breakaway Church!

The split of the Orthodox world via Ukraine seems to be growing inexorably. On Thursday, the Synod of the so-called Ecumenical Patriarchate in Turkey confirmed the decision on granting autocephaly, that is, recognizing the independence of the Ukrainian schismatics. The point is that the unrecognized Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, headed by Macarius, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate headed by Filaret, and several split-off hierarchs from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, would form a single local church and receive a blessing from Istanbul for this. In order to do so, the dissenters must hold a unifying council and elect a common Patriarch. It's clear that Filaret is claiming leadership.

In order to make it possible, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew decided to withdraw the consent of his predecessor Dionysius given 332 years ago, the consent to the subordination of the Kiev metropolitan to the Moscow Patriarchate. It's so Trumpish — it's a bad deal, I'm going to tear it up. However, it's not even a joke about Trump because the American hidden agenda is clearly visible here. Ukraine as a staging ground against Russia is a given for the USA.

Anton Lyadov will continue on the topic.

On the last day of the meeting of the Holy Synod, a group of pilgrims from Ukraine appeared at the Patriarchate of Constantinople. They came here on foot from Ivano-Frankovsk. They had identical caps and T-shirts over ordinary clothes. Ukrainian correspondents immediately began asking people with a flag to work the camera. Here they are live in the background of slogans. They asked to repeat for those who didn't switch on the camera.

«Can you say for the camera „Glory to Ukraine!“?»

«Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!»

They met the statement of the Patriarchate of Constantinople with the same slogan.

Emmanuel, Metropolitan of France: «The Ecumenical Patriarchate is continuing the process of granting a tomos to Ukraine».

«Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!»

Archpriest Victor: «This is a true seizure by raiders. It’s not clear what Istanbul is governed by, by what moral laws. Let alone the Church's canons which were simply violated. It's so perplexing».

This is the town of Irpen in Kiev Oblast, population: 50,000. Parishioners and clergy of the Holy Trinity Church, say that the latest news has united them. These days, everything is as always: people baptize babies, gather for service.

Archpriest Victor: «We're praying more often. We've become more unanimous and united».

«We hope for the mercy of God. We hope the Mother of God will not allow the schism. All these Fillarets, schismatics shouldn't interfere in our church».

«I think that Bartholomew shouldn't interfere in our affairs. We know better. We have our own traditions».

During the meeting of the Synod in Constantinople, Bartholomew himself never came out to the people. Not to get caught by cameras at the main entrance, where the journalists were waiting, he went through a different gate.

Anton Lyadov: «Apparently, Bartholomew himself has come. Several people have come out from the inside to stand in front of our camera and not to let us get closer to him».

The whole delegation is following him inside. The meeting was held in strict secrecy. For this, they closed half of the third floor of the building. Only members of the Synod had access. Exarchs who were appointed as representatives of Constantinople in Ukraine would sometimes come out and were very reluctant to share information. Bishop Daniel of Panfil from the USA and Hilarion of Edmonton. Both are natives of western Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

— How likely is the decision?


— It's difficult to say. This is a decision of the Holy Synod and His Holiness Patriarch. It depends on them, not on us.

— What do you think?

— Well, it's highly likely.

— Will be there aggravation in Ukraine?

— What aggravation? There will be aggravation in Moscow.

Between the journalists, who were on duty around the only tree in the open territory of the Patriarchate for three days, the tensions increased. Here is one of the Ukrainian correspondents making it clear the Russian press was asking the wrong questions:

«Let's make a deal, if you try to ask a question about aggravation one more time, we won't let you work here».

The increase of tensions in Ukraine itself is now the primary danger.

Valentin Lukinyak, Orthodox brotherhood Union: «I was coming to my house when I saw S-14 awaiting. There were more than 10 of them. They attacked me, saying that it was for my vigil in front of the Office of the President and Cabinet of Ministers. Only due to the fact that I had gonfalon staffs and thanks to the help of my neighbors, could we defend ourselves».

In order to prevent anything like this, they are praying, perhaps in every church in Ukraine.

Mother Superior Seraphima: «This is a great danger for Ukraine. Not only for Ukraine. For us, the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, something else is important: our head is Lord Jesus Christ himself, our mother is the Holy Church, united, conciliar, and apostolic».

The Ukrainian issue will continue to be considered by the Holy Synod of Constantinople. The next council of hierarchs will be in a month.

Despite the fact that the news coming from the Patriarchate of Constantinople has long become more political rather than clerical, people keep going to churches. Tourists and pilgrims from Russia and Ukraine come to the Cathedral of St. George in Istanbul. Regardless of the decision on autocephaly for Ukraine, they come here with their own problems and light candles.

Anton Lyadov, Aytaj Dzhachiyeva, Igor Nikulin, Alexey Yaldin, Vsevolod Sychev, Vesti Nedeli. 

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