Total Wipeout: Russian Reinforces Middle-East Presence, Smokes Out Al-Nusra in Idlib

12 Сентября 2018 06:59
Total Wipeout: Russian Reinforces Middle-East Presence, Smokes Out Al-Nusra in Idlib

This Monday, the Russian Air Force bombed the positions of the Al-Nusra Front terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib. The high-precision air strikes were delivered against objects that had been discovered and confirmed by several channels. The strike destroyed a depot filled with weapons, explosives, and rocket launchers as well as a factory where the terrorists assembled combat drones. According to Russian data, 40 various groups have gathered in Idlib. The total number of terrorists there is about 50,000.

There's still a high chance of a chemical weapons provocation. The Russian military and diplomats issued warnings about that multiple times. Even Putin mentioned it last Friday in Tehran.


Vladimir Putin: «We consider any attempts to spare terrorists or inflict damage upon government troops under the pretext of protecting the civilian population as unacceptable. This seems to be the objective of the attempts to fabricate chemical attacks allegedly perpetrated by the Syrian government. We have irrefutable proof that insurgents are preparing such operations and such provocations».

Yesterday, Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, reported that on September 7th the leaders of several terrorist groups and White Helmets' envoys gathered at the terrorist command post in Idlib.

«At the gathering, they finalized and adopted the scenario and filming plan of the fabricated „incidents“ where the Syrian Army is supposed to use toxic agents against civilians in the towns of Jisr Al-Shughour, Serakab, Taftanaz, and Sarmin».

It's clear that the provocation will be triggered by the USA. That will allow them to deliver a planned and prepared airstrike against Syrian troops. Trump’s fingers are literally itching. Last Wednesday, he promised to get very angry if a massacre starts in Idlib.

The American ships in the Mediterranean Sea were ready to bomb Syria last week. All they need now is a reason.

Meanwhile, the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces are conducting joint maneuvers in the Mediterranean. The exclusive footage of the unique event: military divers accomplishing an underwater mission and marines capturing an enemy foothold.

Alexey Baranov and Evgeny Poddubny with the details.

This drill is unique. The first joint maneuvers by the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces in the Mediterranean Sea. But this phase of the drill could have been easily missed by the media. The special forces units always exercise quietly.

According to the mission, the Spetsnaz units must land at the beach of an unspecified Mediterranean country and scout ahead before the main forces arrive. They must also evacuate Russian civilians who got trapped in this troubled war-torn country, mark the position of the radical Islamists for the naval aviation to strike, and stealthily leave the combat zone. A submarine is used to deploy the advance party. This is the Varshavyanka project that carries the Kalibr cruise missiles. It's one of the quietest vessels in the world. This multipurpose submarine approaches the deployment zone.

Exiting a submarine through its torpedo tubes is extremely difficult and dangerous and requires both the crew and the divers to be well-qualified. Right now we're in the torpedo bay of a diesel-electric submarine, it's sailing on the open sea at periscope depth, it's not aground or docked at a base. The conditions are pretty close to combat.

The Spetsnaz soldiers equipped with diver tugs enter the torpedo tubes. It's pretty tight in there, less than 22 inches wide. Here's how they communicate. The signals were specified in advance. As soon as the soldiers are loaded the crew begins special procedures. The pressure in the tubes is equalized; they are partially filled with water. The lives of the soldiers inside depend on the actions of the crew. There's no margin for error. The first pair of military divers leaves the submarine. The second pair swims from another torpedo tube. Now, the divers have to swim several miles underwater to reach the beach. They do that with the help of special diver tugs. After receiving the signal, a group of Spetsnaz speedboats rushes to the beach. The soldiers land and form a security perimeter.

After that, the specialists take control over a part of the beach. According to the mission, the soldiers need to evacuate the civilians without exposing the location of the group. The special forces use Bk-16 boats for the evacuation. They're capable of reaching the speed of 50 mph.

The final phase of the drill was successful. The special forces unit managed to stealthily evacuate the Russian citizens. The whole unit is aboard the speedboat that's heading towards neutral waters.

Evgeny Poddubny, Alexander Pushin, and Stanislav Yelovsky Vesti: News of the Week, the Mediterranean Sea.

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