Zhirinovsky: Armed Conflict With America is Inevitable! The Reign of the Eternal Anglo is Over!

04 Сентября 2018 06:59
Zhirinovsky: Armed Conflict With America is Inevitable! The Reign of the Eternal Anglo is Over!

— A new chemical weapon provocation is being prepared in Syria. Militants trained by a British private security company must play-act yet another rescue of civilians suffering the effects of a chemical attack. There's no doubt they'll blame Assad for the attack. According to our sources, the US has already threatened to bomb Syria if Assad «uses chemical weapons.» Against this backdrop, the US imposes a new set of anti-Russian sanctions. For five hours, the US Senate was discussing why the current ones didn't work and how to inflict more economic pain on Russia, putting the Russian economy on its knees.

The meeting of Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev with US National Security Advisor Bolton was constructive but they didn't produce a joint statement. The next meeting hasn't been scheduled, which shows the state of Russian-American relations. And then, Bolton goes to Kiev and declares that the US might extract gas in Ukraine and the anti-Russian sanctions will remain in force until Russia «changes its attitude,» which isn't going to happen.


It seems Senator McCain's death won't make the US change its plans. They'll keep stifling us with sanctions. I especially like the wording of their statements. «We'd like to cancel the sanctions, but Russia must change its attitude first.» It's like the US is a teacher and Russia is a guilty schoolboy.

You don't look like a schoolboy, Mr. Zhirinovsky.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of LDPR:

— I don't. They are gradually preparing for two armed conflicts, both against Russia. The Middle East… There are three fronts, none of which can be closed. The Turks will never make peace with the Kurds. America is fanning the flames of the Kurd issue, giving them false promises of independence to make them fight Turkey. Iran and Israel. Israel fears the power of Iran and some of the statements that come from it. Meanwhile, anti-Israeli sentiments prevail in Iran. That's irreconcilable too. There's no way they'll come to terms. And the third one: the USA and Russia. The US will keep staging their «chemical attacks» somewhere in Syria and blame Assad for them so we'll have to protect Assad. Here are the three fronts. The conflict is inevitable. It's impossible to prevent it. It might even come to a partial use of nuclear weapons. A small strike somewhere there will make all those nations and people tremble.

The second issue is Ukraine. They'll force the EU and NATO to stage a Ukrainian offensive against Donbass, perhaps even against North Crimea and try to embroil Russia in a war somehow. After that, the German Army will come to save the dying Ukrainian Army. A divide in Ukraine. Another one in Syria. The northern part of Syria will remain under our protection, but Turkey might take some other part. Northern Ukraine will become a new state called Golitsia with a new capital in Lviv and join NATO and the EU. Southern Ukraine will return to Russia just like Crimea did. The world will be on the threshold of a conflict between Russia and the US, a nuclear one. That's why they're trying to impeach Trump. Because Trump doesn't want that. He wants to develop America. He wants American factories to work. Today, the only way the Anglo-Saxons thrive is by partaking in financial speculation on a global level. There's no world economy. Save the dollar. Save the English language. They want to stop them from collapsing. They're like the Russian Empire in 1916. The US won't collapse in a year, but the conditions are similar. The regime was rotten to the core, so it eventually collapsed even though we didn't want that. You see, Napoleon lost, Hitler got burnt, Stalin was poisoned, and the reign of the Anglo-Saxons is over. They don't want that. They gave the world a global language and a global currency. Their population is almost 400 million if we take the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

— Even more.

— OK, say 500 million. But Washington and London are the ones stirring the pot. They are sitting there making up some silly provocations. Some Skripals in some London, some hobos, some White Helmets. They create provocations for the purpose of anti-Russian propaganda. It can't be otherwise. They're fighting us not because we did something wrong, but because they don't have a more serious foe. It'd be weird to begin developing anti-Mongol sentiments or anti-Vietnamese, or anti-Belarusian. Only Russia, the monolith, the most powerful country in the world. It's our last fight, and we must win it. The war will begin in ten years.

The periodic crisis that ended in 2008 began again in 2018. It will gradually become constant. Ultimately, they'll try to end it through an armed conflict. But unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, Russian soldiers are the bravest and the most courageous. So, we'll have to plant a victory banner over yet another capital, just like we did in Berlin in 1945.

— So you mean they'll use the same «end the Great Depression with a war» scenario?

— The Great Depression ended when WWII began.

— I just wanted to clarify…

— They just couldn't escape it.

— Who will use nuclear weapons? Which country?

— It'll save Israel against the huge numbers of Muslims, Arabs, and Persians in the Middle East. Israel will be stoned to death otherwise. And in Europe, Ukrainian sabotage groups will trigger initiate an attack. They'll explode their little dirty bombs somewhere and blame us for that once again. In both cases, we'll be the ones to blame. In the Middle East, the Syrians detonated the nuclear device we gave them. In Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army will detonate it and claim that Russian officers in their Army received a package from Moscow. In every case, they'll ultimately find Russia guilty. But we'll get our sweet revenge later on.

One small correction. The things I said, and others might repeat it, were described by Kissinger four years ago. He wrote that Syria will be an arena for a future large-scale clash between the US and Russia. And they're doing everything to keep Syria as the battlefield.

— There has been information that a strike might be delivered in two days. It's obvious why they're doing that. Because the story about those dead kids in Yemen happened to be too big.

— Right.

— The world discovered that what the US coalition was doing in Yemen defies all logic, and the American press started writing that they used American bombs. Of course, they needed to divert attention. They needed to find another enemy to avoid answering too many questions.

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