Trump Concedes Crimea: President More Interested in Russian Cooperation Than Endless Antagonization

09 Августа 2018 06:59
Trump Concedes Crimea: President More Interested in Russian Cooperation Than Endless Antagonization

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—Let's figure out whether Trump recognized Crimea as a Russian territory. He said that the situation is complicated (thanks Obama). Let's listen.

Donald Trump, US President: «I can't tell you what happens with Crimea. I'm not happy with the situation. But, once again, that was on Barack Obama's watch, not Trump's watch.”

—It's over, Mr. Kokoshin.

Andrey Kokoshin, professor of politology:

—Well, we can say that Trump and not only Trump but the majority of the political elite in the US and Western Europe consider what happened to Crimea an event of the past. De jure, they won't recognize its reconciliation with Russia for a long time. But de facto we have…

—The Baltic scenario in Soviet times.

—That's what Trump said. But after talking to several respectable Americans and Western Europeans, I can say that the West is tired of Ukraine. Trump's administration has set a great task to reform the world order, the consequence of which is their economic war with China, some members of the EU, Canada, as well as his attacks on the NAFTA and the NATO. Trump and the majority of his inner circle clearly understand that China poses a great threat to the United States by promoting its own world order as well as Russia that doesn't want to condone the world order formed by the USA. In this context, Ukraine is a severe headache for the United States… So you mean…

—Look how much is written about Ukraine in the final document.

—How much?

—A lot.

—How much is a lot? We need concrete facts and figures.

—Look at the screen. Illegal annexation of Crimea. What about it? OK, Trump's words weren't exactly clear. There's an official document.

—They just forgot to cross it out.

—It says: „Illegal annexation of Crimea.“

—So you mean…

Sergey Stankevich:

—It's important to remember that we're talking about NATO. We need three „no's“ from NATO: no expansion, no approaching, no deployment. They mustn't expand to the East. Their troops mustn't approach our borders. And they mustn't deploy the weapons of destabilization within striking distance. If they fulfill our requirements…

—So Trump's ours, Crimea's ours, and the NATO is a threat. Did I sum it up right?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

—Forget about Crimea, it's a Russian territory. Anyone who disagrees will be charged with the violation of federal values and thrown into jail. Nobody messes with the Russians. You'll be opening Russian schools. We don't care about NATO. It can expand or shrink all it wants. We don't care. We don't care about NATO. We don't care about Trump's position either. They'll reach some agreement next Monday. We need a trustworthy government with no more traitors up there and no Russians betraying their kin. We need education. Mr. Kokoshin is representing the MSU — a great university. But I'm talking about the other one — the Institute of World Civilizations.

—Here he goes again.

—I get it, you're recruiting new students.

—We need honest officials, honest diplomats, honest officers! The people of Russian must feel that they are the masters of the Earth.

—Mr. Zhirinovsky, Vesti must air on time. Igor Kozhevin will tell us the most important news of this day. The World Cup finals are coming up. Croatia might have its historic revenge. Coming up, Vesti with Igor Kozhevin.

It was 60 Minutes. Thanks to our studio in Brussels and Olga Skobeeva.

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