A City Upon a Hill or an Empire of Evil? Zhirinovsky Weighs in on America’s Moral Posturing

02 Июня 2018 06:59
A City Upon a Hill or an Empire of Evil? Zhirinovsky Weighs in on America’s Moral Posturing

— James R. McDonough, U.S. Army Attaché in Poland, said that the whole world must shut up and listen when Americans are speaking. Let's listen to him.

«Immediately following the strikes by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France against Syrian chemical weapons facilities on April 13th, 2018, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States stated, “The U.S. – the possessor of the largest arsenal of chemical weapons – has no moral right to blame other countries”. In fact, we have not only the moral right, we have the moral responsibility. Until Russia’s benevolent actions speak as loudly as its words, there is no moral equivalency between the United States and Russia. Americans may hold our heads high even as we acknowledge our failures. That Russians can continue to profess pride in their government in full knowledge of its activities at home and abroad, is abject hypocrisy».


— Vladimir Volfovich, this stance is typical of the US, isn't it? Why do Americans believe that they are the «city upon a hill,» which everybody seems to have come to terms with, while we keep justifying ourselves, beleaguered by sanctions? Most importantly, even our official rhetoric doesn't contain any aspirations of dominance or hegemony. Why is this? Let's become one already.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR leader: Yes. Our history textbooks should be more detailed so that we know who the Americans are. We only know about cowboys, Colt, Pepsi-Cola, something about the Indians, et cetera. What he's saying, this preaching of American exceptionalism, has been long heard. And it has become like a cult, you know, a state-cult, as in, they are to dominate. I'll read something out loud for you. It was written by Albert Beveridge in 1897. It's The March of the Flag address to the Senate. Just three lines. This rhetoric goes all the way to back then. Afterward, Hitler incorporated it. They taught it to Hitler, now that Hitler is gone they preach it themselves. «It is an American question. It is a world question. Shall the American people continue their march toward the commercial supremacy of the world? Shall free institutions broaden their blessed reign as the children of liberty wax in strength, until the empire of our principles is established over the hearts of all mankind?» So what do you want from them? They have existed in this paradigm for 200 years, believing in the exceptionalism of their nation. And they don't mention the French or the British. Only themselves.

— What about the children of freedom? Are these Vadim and Jacob?

— No, they aren't there. Children of freedom? They're the children of freedom. Americans think that they went there, created the state, Europe is dirty, the world is filled with good-for-nothing savages; that they gained supremacy, and the US is the land flowing with milk and honey, Canaan, a big Israel. They wanted to make it so, but failed.

Vadim Karasyov: A new Israel…

— Never mind. Don't interrupt me, Karasyov!

— I'm correcting your words.

— Who are you to correct my words?

— The truth is more important.

— That's the point. You see? This is the American ideology. It's not Marx.

— No, we don't understand. If they are a cult, and they're ready to play it out…

— Marx's ideology is more humane. He wanted to build communism for mankind. And this one implies that it's only for Americans. That's where the fascist ideology stems from. It nourished Hitler. And, you probably remember, when did Hitler come up with the idea to attack our country? Not until May, 1941. When Rudolf Hess, summoned by London, arrived there in an attempt to talk Britain into an alliance with Germany, the British got scared by the prospect of an alliance with such a savage. They said: «Let him defeat the USSR first.» Then he called Hitler, and Operation Barbarossa was approved in May of 1941. Stalin took the right course of action. He thought that the Germans were honest, would respect the non-aggression pact, and first defeat Britain, seize its colonies, and then we'd destroy a weakened Germany. But the British opted for the gambit, inciting Hitler against us first, and intervened when we started to win. That is, the USA is a cult-state. It's the most dangerous.

— The Evil Empire.

— All their textbooks say that the US is the best. It explains Trump's rhetoric. Obama's was the same, that they are to dominate the world, while we are good-for-nothing. Who are we? That Europe, China, Russia… We shouldn't exist at all. They don't just mean that they are better, but that we shouldn't exist at all. Kissinger's last book covers Iran. If China and Russia withdraw from the Iranian deal, it might go bad. Only one state will rise from the nuclear ashes. The USA. And it will rule the world. What year was it written? 1898. And Kissinger repeats it now, in 2018, 120 years later. But the ideology hasn't changed from the very first day. So, they are all pilgrims. Europe squeezed out all the worst, the cruelest, misanthropes, what remained of Cromwell. They hate all of mankind. Why did they sever ties? They're afraid of talking to us. What if Americans understood that what they're being preached in America is lies? Thus, it's the most dangerous state. It will, of course, try to impose its will, using others. They bought all of their brainpower, they have nothing of their own. They've imposed their currency. Ideologically, they have long sought domination. Hitler is their adherent. But they didn't need an adherent who would bomb London. Had Hitler not bombed London, they probably could have allied.

Vadim Karasyov: I have a specific question…

— Shut up! What did Churchill say? When we took Berlin in May of 1945, Churchill immediately drafted a plan. Germany's last 20 divisions, and the British and American Armies were supposed to attack the Soviet Union. The plan was there, but they hid it from us. We had no idea. So, it's a fascist or Nazi ideology, presuming that America is the prosperous land of milk and honey, and all the rest must die so that America can rule the world, mankind. They used to use Hitler, now they're using Ukraine, they'll use Poland where they need new bases. But you don't realize that you'll be the first to be eliminated. We'll face difficulties. But the countries where the US bases and troops will be deployed, will be the first to be destroyed.

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