Putin’s Speech Rustles Western Media - "They Didn’t Listen to Us Then, Perhaps They Will Listen to U

02 Марта 2018 19:05
Putin’s Speech Rustles Western Media - "They Didn’t Listen to Us Then, Perhaps They Will Listen to U

We just recently learned about the US reaction to Vladimir Putin's speech. Pentagon's official rep, Dana White, is at the briefing that is taking place right now. She said that the information about Russia's newest weapons didn't surprise the US military. «The American people should rest assured that we are fully prepared», - White said. However, the reaction of the US media tells a different story. Leading TV channels had almost hysteric notes in their reports. The most popular word today was «warning». The Russian President's speech made headlines in the US.

Aleksandr Khristenko will tell us how Washington interpreted the message.

Even their unofficial reaction to news from Moscow started leaking out after a significant pause. For a long time, there were no comments on the newest Russian weapons. It was obvious they didn't know how to react. All journalists did was emotionally paraphrasing what they'd heard and seen.

«Breaking news. In his today's speech, Vladimir Putin has demonstrated Russia's newest nuclear arsenal. It includes a powerful missile and an underwater drone. According to the Russian President, the US can't take on this arsenal. Putin showed the entire world he wasn't bluffing».

British tabloids are already full of headlines about the threat that Russia is. They're supposedly panicking in Florida, US, as well. Its contours are visible in the footage from Russia's Ministry of Defense. Some try to remain calm, saying that Florida is safe thanks to its proximity to Cuba.

Putin said, «They didn't listen to us then, so listen to us now.» This is an obvious threat to the US warning it not to mess with Russia and its terrifying new arsenal of nuclear weapons".

«Just moments ago, President Putin told about what he referred to as an invincible missile. This is a new demonstration of force. Our correspondent, Terry Moran, has all the details.

— Good morning, Terry.

— The stunning announcement of Vladimir Putin is an aggressive and crazy demonstration of Russia's new nuclear powers. It was incredible how Putin spoke about his new missile. He was almost angry when he said, „Nobody listened to us, so listen to us now“. Russia's repression was not successful.

The repression of Russia is what the US's new nuclear doctrine is targeted at. Washington plans to create a new nuclear warhead. Besides, they take upon a right to use nuclear weapons as a response to non-nuclear attacks and even cyber attacks.

The US has withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and has begun developing new missile shields right at the Russian borders. They also violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which is still in vigor, placing launching pads for antirocket missiles in Romania, where regular missiles can be easily loaded, which is forbidden by the INF Treaty.

»There are three things you should know about today. First, Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia has tested new generation nuclear weapons. He said that new underwater drones and new cruise missiles can bypass any missile shield systems. Putin also said that Russia is prepared to meet any nuclear attack on Russia or its allies".

That's the worst trust crisis between Russia and the US. It's obvious why. In spite of their promises, NATO has expanded East, moving the military infrastructure right next to the Russian border. Besides, the US has violated a treaty by reserving some of their chemical weapons. They didn't fulfill their duties by not utilizing weapon-grade plutonium. Right now, it is impossible to verify how the US is complying with the New START. Washington refuses to discuss strategic stability with Russia.

«Many Western military experts have told FOX News that Putin's new weapons really can bypass Western missile shields. Former Chief of Senate's International Affairs Committee said this proves that Russia is absolutely not weak. He predicted that the Western media will have a meltdown about this. However, he notes that this opens up a dialogue about strategic safety between Russia and the West».

Just how ready is the U.S. for this dialogue now? The U.S. administration's actions will answer this question, not their words.

Aleksandr Khristenko, Nikolay Koskin, Vesti, Washington, USA.

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