Top Russian Anchor Kiselyov Pays Tribute to the Late Trotskyite Mastermind of Colour Revolutions

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Top Russian Anchor Kiselyov Pays Tribute to the Late Trotskyite Mastermind of Colour Revolutions

Professor Gene Sharp died on Wednesday at the age of 90 in Boston, USA. A Trotskyist, when he was young, he refused to join the American army and to fight in Korea. He was jailed for 9 months, after which Sharp had to leave the United States to live in Europe for 9 years. He's known as an architect of the guidelines to destroy a state. He's described as a modern philosopher, but he rarely appeared at philosophical meetings. He is called a political technologist, but he never governed anyone and rarely participated directly in revolutions.

Although the governance in various countries was overthrown by his textbooks. The most famous one is From Dictatorship to Democracy.


The well-known 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action is taken from there. Everything is numbered. 22. Protest disrobings

42. Motorcades

124. Boycott of elections

161. Nonviolent harassment

Although not all Sharp's ideas are nonviolent. 148. Mutiny

2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine is the classical implementation of Gene Sharp's recommendations. No fantasy. 2000, Yugoslavia Earlier, Professor Sharp's know-how was used during the Bulldozer Revolution in Yugoslavia when protesters stormed the TV center with a bulldozer.

And later Sharp's ideas worked in the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan.

2003, Georgia The Rose Revolution in Georgia and Saakashvili — again Sharp.

2010-2011 Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia was made according to Sharp.

2011, Egypt and the Arab Spring are also Sharpe's technology.

To sum up, the main thing about any color revolution is to create a point of public overheating in a limited space and present a crowd as the people, like here is the people, on the screen.

Such an attempt was also made in Russia in the winter of 2011-2012: White tapes. It happened on the eve of the spring presidential elections. They tried to do it according to Sharp, but he himself made a remark to the negligent pupils. Here's an extract of his interview with Vesti — News of the Week.

Gene Sharp, founder of The Albert Einstein Institution: «It's a real false start the organizers of the rally were too quick. You mustn't call a rally to protest against the elections before the elections happened».

In Boston, Sharp founded The Albert Einstein Institution. Its employees could be counted on one hand. But it was generously financed by the funds that always financed protest movements in the countries where the US needed to change regimes. Sharp got the money primarily from the National Endowment for Democracy, which is funded by the Congress, and from the International Republican Institute headed by John McCain.

Why does the US need color revolutions? They just solve military tasks by non-military means, destroying states and bringing their resources at the US disposal. After a revolution the quality of people's life is worse, it's easy.

Gene Sharp:«This is a military technology replacing war and other violence».

It is no more concern of either Sharp or the US. Sharp dealt with the Soviet Union too. Technologies of its collapse were similar. As we now understand, Eastern European countries also experienced those methods back at the USSR. Take Poland's Solidarity in the late 80s.

Now, when the United States is eager to destroy Russia, Sharp is useful too. Let us turn again to his Methods:

89. Severance of funds and credit

96. International trade embargo

154. Severance of diplomatic relations

At the same time, Sharp is quickly getting obsolete. The professor couldn't dream of the power of new subversive opportunities via the Internet or of technologies to process big data, or of sanctions and lists of the US enemies, or of using terrorists to oust the unwanted leader. America doesn't view it as a war, so, it's again a non-military method to achieve military tasks.

Sharp is dead, but his cause is alive and is acquiring new methods.

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