Dmitry Kiselyov: The West Has No Shame...They’re Using the "Chemical Weapon" Bogeyman Again

31 Января 2018 19:05
Dmitry Kiselyov: The West Has No Shame...They’re Using the "Chemical Weapon" Bogeyman Again

An important confession was made by the great film actor Alain Delon in the recent issue of the magazine Paris Match. He was shot by all the prominent directors, and all his life he has been known as the most handsome man in France.

Now Delon is 82. He lives alone. He loves his 3-year-old Belgian German Shepherd most of all. But he says that he can marry again and even is ready for much to experience his last love. However, according to Alain Delon, he «will leave this world without regrets,» since he «hates this era, it disgusts him».


Alain Delon: «Everything is false and deceitful. There is no more respect, attention to someone else's opinion. Only money matters».

When I read this, I felt even more sharply the current mood of our Olympians, those pure athletes who are disqualified from the Korean Games for nothing; and the treachery with which the Americans are firing up the situation in Syria.

Although, it would seem that it's time to turn to a political settlement, which Washington has been dreaming about so much in recent years. Contrary to all resolutions of the UN Security Council and personal agreements with Putin, the USA insidiously started to split Syria, creating a separate state in the north, thereby provoking the Kurds.

When Turkey felt threatened and decided to secure its borders, then the Americans immediately betrayed the Kurds. They stopped delivering weapons to the latter. Americans thought it would be awkward for them to fight with Erdogan. But there's more than one way to skin a cat.

On Monday, White Helmets associated with the US special services, an organization that sullied itself by lies and provocations in Syria, fakes in social networks, spread another false story, accusing Assad's troops of using a chemical weapon — chlorine — in East Ghouta, supposedly making two dozen victims.

Actually, 2 videos have been posted, each less than half a minute, where someone is taking a child somewhere in a dirty van, and some other murky things. Maybe, as it was often the case with White Helmets, it is a malicious fake? A false story?

And it is clearly timed to the meeting of 25 countries in Paris to create a new coalition against chemical weapons. Videos from East Ghouta come on Monday, while the meeting in Paris takes place on Tuesday. Perfect timing. Besides, Russia and China were not invited. The meeting was powered by the US.

To put a smoke screen, it was Macron who convened it. Immediately, without checking and proving, Secretary of State Tillerson accuses Russia of using chemical weapons in East Ghouta. Look, how peremptorily it is.

Rex Tillerson: «Whoever conducted the attacks, Russia is ultimately responsible for the victims in Ghouta and countless Syrians who fell victims to chemical attacks since the time when Russia engaged in Syria».

But there is another coincidence in time. Both Tillerson's allegations and the provocation in East Ghouta are clearly timed to the beginning of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress scheduled literally for tomorrow in Sochi. It means 1,500 representatives of various political forces of the country. On the eve of this meeting, accusing Moscow and Damascus of the chemical attacks is a clear attempt to prevent a political settlement in Syria. Americans continue to work for a degradation in the region and a permanent war there. Fake politics based on fake news.

We can't but remember Alain Delon's words «I hate this era, it disgusts me.» Russia, however, is not puzzled and urgently calls the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, proposing to create a new international mechanism for investigating chemical attacks wherever. The basic principle is that evidence must be collected impartially and experts must visit the site of an attack. China supports it, France wants to think it over. The US is categorically against it.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN: «Washington does not intend to accept any Russian proposals».

Doesn't it look like hysterically covering up tracks? If experts go to East Ghouta, Shaykhun or other sites in Syria, where the Syrian army allegedly conducted chemical attacks, much of the unpleasant for the US will dawn. So it's better for them not to let any experts there, otherwise, the USA will not only be mocked like with those test tubes with detergent but also its plan in Syria will fail. The Russian Foreign Ministry clearly stated on Wednesday what the plan was about.

«The US stubborn desire to enact in Syria the scenario previously applied in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya is glaringly obvious. The international community should seriously ponder the current developments. And Washington should think about where its policy of destroying relations with Russia can lead it».

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