Fire and Fury in Trump Tower: President Feels Heat From "Fake" Book Questioning His Sanity

11 Января 2018 17:05
Fire and Fury in Trump Tower: President Feels Heat From "Fake" Book Questioning His Sanity

Against the background of everything that's happening around Trump, today's emergency in Trump's Tower looks symbolic. The ventilation of Trump's personal residence caught on fire. Two people were injured. The flame was extinguished in a matter of minutes, but dealing with the fire and fury in the White House was much more difficult.

The notorious book by a famous journalist quickly became a bestseller. The author claims Trump is incapable of running a country. The President called the book a «fake».

Valentin Bogdanov with the details.

During several days of record sales, the book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff disappeared from the shelves and became a table book of every American liberal. CNN's Jake Tapper is a fan. On his show, he almost butchered Trump's adviser, Stephen Miller, when he questioned the veracity of the book.

Stephen Miller, Trump's adviser: «You broadcast anti-Trump reports 24 hours a day but can't give me three minutes to tell the American people about President Trump's real work.»

Jake Tapper: «There's only one viewer you're worried about now, and you're acting like a slimy personal secretary in order to please him. I've wasted enough of our viewers' time.»

They wanted to kick Miller out but he didn't want to go. In the end, he was escorted out by security.

Perhaps, CNN wouldn't have done the same thing to the head of the CIA, but he chose another channel. At the Fox News studios, Mike Pompeo called the reflections on how his boss isn't fit for the presidency utter nonsense.

Mike Pompeo, CIA director: «These are absurd statements coming from the people that still haven't accepted the fact that Trump is the US President. I pity them. The President understands the complexity and asks really difficult questions from our team so that we can provide him the information that he needs to make good and sound policy decisions.»

There are a lot of those who haven't accepted it on Capitol Hill. Even before the release of the book, Democratic congressmen summoned Bandy Lee, a professor of Psychiatry from Yale. She didn't let them down. Lee claimed that Trump's mental health is «unraveling.» It almost looks like the right time to execute the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. It allows impeaching the head of the White House if the Vice President and the members of the Cabinet consider that he's unable to perform his duties.

— Will they execute the amendment?

Michael Wolff, author of Fire and Fury: «They would have said: „No, we're in the intermediary stage and still not close to the 25th Amendment.“ But the situation is worrisome. There were some talks that it's just a silly amendment. But the 25th Amendment is a concept that lives every day.»

Trump should have got a grip on himself, but instead, he got a grip on his Twitter account. Trump called himself a «very stable genius», promising to repel the attacks no worse than Reagan did.

— This morning you posted a tweet about your mental condition. Why did you have to post this in the morning?

Donald Trump, US President: «It's because I went to one of the best colleges, was a straight-A student, came back and earned billions of dollars, ran one of the most complex businesses, and you must have heard about my extremely popular TV show. I also ran for president for the first time and won. And then I hear about this guy who doesn't know me at all and hasn't even interviewed me».

According to Wolff's book, Trump didn't expect to win, his plan was to reinforce his business on a wave of popularity. One way or another, Wolff got access to Trump's White House with the help of the former ideologist of the administration, Stephen Bannon, whom he repaid in a very peculiar way.

The passage about Bannon calling Trump's son a traitor for meeting the Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya proved to be a total fake: «I regret that my delay in responding to the inaccurate reporting regarding Don Jr. has diverted attention from the president's historical accomplishments in the first year of his presidency.»

The CNN controversy will intensify the competition at the Fake News Awards — an award created by Donald Trump. He will host the Fake News Awards on January 17th.

Valentin Bogdanov and Ivan Utkin for Vesti in the USA.

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