Zhirinovsky: Trump Gave Jerusalem to Israel to Get American Jew-Controlled Media Off His Back

13 Декабря 2017 17:05
Zhirinovsky: Trump Gave Jerusalem to Israel to Get American Jew-Controlled Media Off His Back

In Moscow, the provocative exhibition by Jock Sturges was attacked again. Russia's Investigative Committee classified it as «quite fine» in the end, but it was attacked anyway. The one that was closed in September last year because of the protests organized by extremely sensitive citizen groups which back then, saw some child pornography attributes in the pictures.

There were fewer pictures this time. The photographer didn't bring the 10 most odious pictures. The security was tightened, just in case. But it didn't really help him. The activist literally cut her way through to the exhibits and poured an unknown liquid with a strong smell on them.

This is one more detail. The important thing is that our program, 60 minutes, seems to have been recognized as high art, at least by Jock Sturges, and is being exhibited at the Lumiere Brothers Gallery.

Look at it on this separate screen. It shows our release about that same exhibition. Something for nothing, as they say.

On this joyful note, we'll turn our attention to the US where some days ago, they proved by experiment, in practice, on experimental subjects of the highest level, Godwin's law, according to which as we know, sooner or later in any senseless discussion, in any senseless dispute, someone will compare someone to Adolf Hitler. So, Barack Obama eventually compared Trump to Hitler.

American reporter: «Meanwhile, President Obama continues to be Trump's conscious».

According to the media, during his speech at the Economic Club of Chicago meeting, Obama compared Trump to Hitler. So, that's what he said. «We have to strive for this garden of democracy, or else things can fall apart fairly quickly. That's what happened in Germany in the 1930s, which despite the democracy of the Weimar Republic and centuries of high-level cultural and scientific achievements, Adolf Hitler rose to dominate. 60 million people died. So, you've got to pay attention, and then vote. Here we go, the Nazi Germany has come to life.”

— That's just awful. Our expert on the US called all that's happening a mixer. A political mixer. It looks this way from our perspective as well.

It happened the same say when Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He's not a perfect Nazi but an obvious militarist. Those were the comments.

We all remember perfectly, and Donald Trump reminds us from time to time, that one of his first election promises was the nuclear arsenal modernization. Back then, no one thought that this modernization would go beyond the longstanding and already historical Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

— Today is the 30th anniversary of its signing. And one of the disarmament pioneers, the US former defense minister Perry, states that the world, as it used to be 30 years ago, is heading to a nuclear disaster.

— So, it actually never changed the course.

William James Perry, US Defense Minister (1994-1997). „Today, for some inexplicable reason, we're recreating the geopolitical rivalry of the Cold War times. We're recreating a real nuclear danger. We're doing this without any public discussion and any real understanding of the consequences of these actions. We're walking towards another Cold War, like lunatics. And there are real chances that we'll face it. And if we want to prevent this catastrophe, people need to understand what's going on“.

— Look what's going on. People do need to understand what's going on, and that's what it is. The US is planning to create a new rocket. They state this, not quite openly, though. But in case we create new rockets, this message arrived today, they're considering any response measures.

Up to the military ones, as they were mentioned as well. Is it a direct threat?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader: They've been threatening us since 1945. Two weeks after the Victory, an operation against our army in Berlin was going to start. 30 years ago, Gorbachev and Shevardnadze made a treaty on destroying our wonderful rockets Satan SS-20 and they did it. The US didn't even ask for this. Then, we agreed to destroy bigger rockets, of bigger range, and we did destroy them. Of course, we disarmed ourselves. Now, we're creating rockets of a different caliber, which isn't prohibited by the treaty. But the US needs an arms race.

Obama… Trump promised to provide the defense industry with orders. So, he needs to do it. How can he do it? By threatening that Russians have new rockets. Let's build some, too! And without figuring out what'll happen in 2018, they put this amount into the budget to develop new rockets. Our rockets in Syria scared them. When they accurately struck from underwater positions. When we one-upped them in military activities, they decided to start the arms race.

When we gain in sports, they start preventing us from participation in the Olympic games. So, it's all about competition, struggle, collision. Two powerful states, who'll come first? Like little children. You have a gun, we have it, too. You have a rocket, we have it, too. People say… let's negotiate. We do, and we come to agreements. But they want to fight, anyway.

They worsen the Middle East situation on purpose for people to forget about the victory in Syria. Done, Syria interests no one, but the fire around Jerusalem is about to start. We win somewhere, and they create problems somewhere else. Six fronts. They already exist. World War III is on. They set fire in the Balkans and got burned. The North Caucasus — got burned. North Korean — postponed, it's a war against China, too early. Afghanistan — quite, so far. Pakistan and India — something is stirring up. The Middle East and North Africa — the war is on. Six or seven fronts appear from time to time. Is there a safe spot? Russia is the safe spot! Nothing will happen to us. What about Jerusalem, it'll go on forever. Look, they're burning flags of both Israel and the US. They'll never agree on Jerusalem. Jews think it's their city, Arabs think it's theirs. Never! It's a sacred place for them. Historically, Jews were the first. Then, they were driven away. And the sacred Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque stands where an ancient Jew temple, Solomon, used to be. It was destroyed by the Romans, there were so many conquerors. It's difficult to know, and the land is small. But the population is growing. In southern countries, the youth makes up to 70% of the population.

They don't have either a job or education and love to fight. Youth in any country of the world is extremist, radical. Wait to see what'll happen in India. 800 million young people. What are they going to do? Think about it, 800 million! They'll smash Pakistan, or Pakistan will definitely start a war with India. The nuclear war is possible in the Middle East. 50 million people will die, it's been counted. India and Pakistan, 200 million will die, counted. And the Far East. They'll set fire in Korea to strike China. No one will fight us. We'll smash anyone two hours before they fight us. June 22 won't happen again. But the whole planet is afraid of the war, of a nuclear strike, and they see our planes. We control the whole world's airspace. The Pacific Ocean, near Indonesia, was the last spot, but not anymore. They're scared, I mean, they're not, but it's about competition. We're stronger, we're smarter. So, they'll always create problems for us.

So, get ready for the New Year's celebration without being worried. Year of the Dog, my year. So, we'll rest and live quietly.

But the Middle East will always be on fire. As long as there will be Jerusalem, Jews and Arabs, there'll always be war. Look at it with a light heart, it's not our problem. Let them figure it out, they don't call us, neither Jews nor Arabs call us. We helped Syria, it's enough. Let them figure it out. It's a long war. And they provoke worsening conditions, which means they'll ask for weapons, and it'll smell like powder again. It's been going on for 70 years without stopping, we just don't really see it, and we don't need to see or hear it.

People are like children. They need to take the toy away from each other. Look at how children behave in kindergarten. They fight for toys in the play pit, and the strongest takes them, hits the others. We need to get rid of this, but, unfortunately, there's the USA.

— Like ill-mannered children.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  Right! Good-mannered children don't fight.

We helped create Israel! We thought it would be our ally, and we would take the Brits away from there. But they chose the Americans. Why is the Jerusalem situation getting worse now? Trump needs to keep his position. He's worsening it to create orders for the defense industry. He's doing it for the American press that hits him daily. It's all in the American Jews' hands. So, he gives them a present for them not to write bad things about him. „And Jerusalem is the capital of the Jew state. I'll move the embassy there.“

You'll see how the US press will change its tone. It won't be hitting Trump, he wins. He threatened Korea, made a fuss around Jerusalem, he'll give orders to the defense industry, so the US will produce.

We don't do anything like this. Since Gorbachev's times, we've been giving away, destroying and now, we have to make rockets and spend money again. And it's our country's money.

You shouldn't vote for communists! You chose them and brought them to power, saying Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev, Yeltsin were good. They're no longer here. And we'll pay for their dull foreign policy in the Middle East, in Europe, and on the Far East.

Communists are to be blamed! They are! From Lenin to Zyuganov!

— Gennady Zyuganov isn't your main rival at the upcoming election. If truth be told, Zyuganov isn't your main rival.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  He's the Kremlin's rival!

— Fine.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  We'll protect it!

-The Kremlin?

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  Yes!

— Fine.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  They can't do anything, but I can!

— Year of the Dog, and Vladimir Volfovich has long promised us to move to the Kremlin on his 6th attempt. We might be celebrating it on March, 19.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, LDPR party leader:  We will! And on March, 20! Two hours, from 6 am and…

— As you wish, just win!

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