Special Feature Looking Back at CIA’s 70 Years Record of Self Serving Incompetence

20 Сентября 2017 15:05
Special Feature Looking Back at CIA’s 70 Years Record of Self Serving Incompetence

US President's work day starts with a report from the US Intelligence. Reports from 17 intelligence agencies are put together, and of course, CIA plays one of the key roles in preparing this document. 70-year-old history of this agency shows that they didn't just inform, but also determined US foreign policy in many ways. They executed coup d'etat and assassinations, they started wars.

Today, the agency receives a license to kill, when the US President confirms a list of targets for US combat drones. Over the past 70 years, there have been 80 attempts to overthrow the government. It is CIA officers' record. Geography covers territories from Iran to Cuba. But the main goal of creating this department in 1947 was to study and disintegrate the Soviet Union.


It was in CIA Soviet Department that Ray McGovern started his career. He worked in this department for 27 years.

When I walked into the CIA office, I saw a quote from the New Testament carved into the wall. «And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free». And I thought, if that's true, if there's no hidden meaning, OK then, this is a great place for me to work in. I was a CIA analyst. But it so happened, that there was another wing, where people who specialized in coup d'etat worked. They led undercover operations ever since WWII.

CIA was opposed to KGB, and this duel between Intel agencies has determined the course of world history. After US deployed their missiles in Turkey, the USSR was able to silently deliver its missiles to the US doorstep in Cuba. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Then it was Vietnam, where, regardless of CIA plans, US failed. Then it was Afghanistan, where the USSR got mired.

However, in the war against the Soviet Union, CIA's strategic miscalculation was the support of the mujahideen. So Al-Qaeda was raised. Eventually, the terrorists used their arms supplied by Washington against the USA. The US Intel failed miserably during the 9/11 terrorist attack.

This was the largest attack in history, which made almost 3,000 dead and 6,000 wounded. There were almost no restriction for the CIA. There were over 600 assassination attempts against Fidel Castro.

Many of them were prepared within US Intel. Among others, they planned to stuff a cigar with explosives, and even to plant bombs in sea shells, since the Commandant was an avid snorkel diver. Within the Condor Operation, CIA agents helped to destroy physically the political opposition in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Truman was scared, he said it in the beginning: «What scares me is that the CIA might turn into Gestapo or a military dictatorship».

He thought it was very dangerous for one organization to have as much military power as CIA did, and act off-the-radar. This also created a problem for the democracy, since US prefers to see itself as such. There are certain democratic values that we cherish a lot. And CIA, as a secret army, with secret operations, illegals, undercover operations, all that defies the very nature of democracy. In our time, a secret CIA prison program was uncovered.

There, those suspected of terrorism were tortured. US Iraq invasion became yet another cloud on the agency's reputation, since Colin Powell referred to data gathered by the CIA, when he showed the vial in the UNSC and assured the entire world that Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons.

This wasn't a mistake in CIA Intel data. This was a lie on top of a lie. Up to this day, it's hard for me to realize that I know the people responsible for it. They either got promoted, or still serve as they did before. Did Saddam have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks? No. However, New York Times and Washington Post made 69% of Americans believe otherwise. And now, because of the New York Times, 80% of Americans believe that Russia really did interfere with our election and hacked into our electoral system.

They really do believe it. In 2014, Barack Obama claimed Russia to be one of the main global threats during his speech at the UNGA tribune, equating Russia with ISIS. All the while, CIA supported terrorists in Syria, calling them «moderate opposition.» CIA's main task is to neutralize Russia, their main geopolitical opposition.

They probably felt they didn't fully destroy Russia back in 1991, when it was still Soviet Union. Since then, Russia has risen from the ashes, like a phoenix.

We rose up, and we have new possibilities, including our armed forces. We make our own decisions, our political value has changed. They probably realized they hadn't finished the game, the one they awarded medals for the victory in the Cold War.

Russian Secret Services veterans note that CIA methods have changed. If before it was straightforward recruitment and using influence agents, now informational attacks prevail. Informational fakes became some of CIA's Sabre strikes, which they execute in a very consistent and isolate manner. Orange Revolutions didn't come out of nowhere.

They required work. Some of them were successful, some weren't. Americans took it calmly. In the event of failure, there were additional attempts. In my opinion, one of the most telling CIA operations are the events that took place in Ukraine. There's another peculiarity — a lot of modern CIA operations are executed by third parties.

What came to the fore are various democracy and human rights foundations, which appear to be independent. They're not 70 years old. Some are 30, some are as young as 5. However, they have served the same purpose. Aleksandr Khristenko, Nikolay Koskin, Elena Sokolova, Vesti, Washington, USA.

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