Trump's Son Was Used to Hurt His Father

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Trump's Son Was Used to Hurt His Father

Leaving Paris, Donald Trump's plane didn't head to Washington. It landed in Newark airport. It is closest to Trump's golf club, which is hosting the US Women's Open Championship, which the American leader did not want to miss. While the US president was away, a team of Democrats and liberal media outlets, playing against him, managed to score a crucial point.

A new scandal around the meeting of his son, Donald Jr., and a lawyer from Russia, Natalia Veselnitskaya, reached the father even at Champs-Élysées, Paris. My son is an excellent young man. He met with a Russian lawyer. It wasn't a government lawyer, but a Russian lawyer. It was a short meeting, but it brought about nothing, it changed nothing. I think that the press made a big deal over something that a lot of people would do.

The meeting, which conspiracy theorists consider as more proof of the connection between the US president and his entourage to the Kremlin, was organized by British music promoter Rob Goldstone in June of last year at New York's Trump Tower. When the scandal was unfolding, Trump Jr. transparently published their correspondences. Goldstone promised that the guests had dirt on the main rival, Hillary Clinton. Put simply, Trump's son just fell for a “hot” exclusive. This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump — helped along by Aras and Emin. Thanks, Rob. I am on the road at the moment, but perhaps I [sic] just speak to Emin first. Seems we have some time and if it's what you say I love it. Aras and Emin are Russia's well-known businessmen — Agalarov and his son, who's a singer. Let me forget you, let me cease to love you...

To ensure that the audience does not remain in doubt that Trump has long been firmly connected to Russia, CNN even used a recording made three years ago, which shows the Agalarovs visiting Las Vegas, where Trump held his “Miss USA” beauty pageant and discussed the next one, “Miss Universe.” It was going to be organized in Moscow, with the assistance of Goldstone. These are the most powerful people in all of Russia, the richest men in Russia. Trump has an inclination for frequent exaggeration. Agalarov is actually ranked 51st by the Russian Forbes rankings.

All in all, they were table compliments of business partners, caught on video. Three years later, the meeting of Trump Jr. and Veselnitskaya wasn't filmed. But even there, the content was almost identical. Learning that the Magnitsky Act was going to be discussed by this lawyer, who also dealt with William Browder's financial fraud for several years, the hosts quickly lost interest in the conversation. You said you had dirt on Clinton. No, that's incorrect, that's what he was told, these are completely different things. I've never had it and I couldn't have it. I'm not representing anyone's interests.

Veselnitskaya dwelt on the purpose of her visit in her interview with the Wall Street Journal. The lawyer stressed that she had never worked for the Russian authorities. But the press, trained on Trump, has more “evidence” up their sleeves. Everyone who was with her and Donald Jr. in the meeting room on that day are subject to close scrutiny. Now there are 6 them. Now NBC has learned who else was in that room during the meeting. It was a Russian-American lobbyist, a former Soviet counterintelligence officer, suspected by US officials of having ongoing ties to Russian intelligence.

The man who was immediately labeled as a spy is Rinat Akhmetshin. He has American citizenship and a lobbying firm in Washington. He didn't even think of hiding it. He did serve in the Soviet army in 1986-1988, due to conscription requirements.

In an interview, Akhmetshin denied suggestions made in media reports, congressional letters and litigation that he is a former officer in Russia's military intelligence service known as the GRU, dismissing the allegations as a “smear campaign.” Of course, the story about the son affects his father. All these endless scandals occur for a reason.


A resolution to impeach the US president has been introduced in the lower chamber of Congress. The author is a Democrat from California — Brad Sherman. Of course, he keeps reiterating that it's just a coincidence. It wasn't a response to the story about the letters, it was a coincidence. I wrote the text of the resolution a month ago and spent 3 weeks consulting with experts. What are the high crimes he committed?

Firstly, Trump threatened Comey in the Flynn case. It's an obstruction of justice, which is against the law. Secondly, he dismissed Comey for the Russian case, too. And now we understand how important this case was. Your own law? An obstruction of justice means an obstruction of justice. Ineffective obstruction of justice is also a crime. If you threaten an FBI officer, telling him what to do or not to do, that's obstruction. But it wasn't the case. The president didn't say, “Drop the investigation, or I'll dismiss you.” He said, “Drop the investigation if you want to keep your job.” I don't remember him saying these words. People aren't stupid. It depends on the people. We should be debating how many sanctions are to be imposed on Russia. Or we should just blow up this KGB or GRU.

As for anti-Russian sanctions, the always-inflammatory Begala has many like-minded people in both chambers of Congress. The lower one saw a new bill introduced by the Democrats on Thursday. In fact, it's identical to the one adopted by the Senate. Both of them are to deprive the US president of the opportunity to independently mitigate anti-Russian restrictions. The White House promised to veto the document. Standing against its background, Trump's adviser, Kellyanne Conway, using improvised tools and simple rhyme, tries to explain to ordinary Americans what is happening. Our media covers Russia more than America. Thanks for remembering our country sometimes. I want to draw a conclusion. This is how I see this situation, and for all who are home now… What's the conclusion? Collusion? No. I see illusion and delusion. Once again.

The roots of this story, which is being called a “conspiracy” by American TV, trace back to another one — the disappearance of Clinton's 30,000 emails, which were stolen last year from her server only to end up on WikiLeaks. The hackers are said to be from Russia. The volunteer investigator, Peter Smith, tried to find out whether this was true or not. He managed to reach five cyber groups. In his blog and on Twitter, the investment banker from Chicago wrote that he doesn't believe in the “Russian connection.”

Now, after his mysterious demise, which happened shortly after his interview with the WSJ, those who knew him also tweeted. They don't believe that it was a suicide. When I spoke to Peter Smith, I had no indication that he was ill or planning to take his own life. Here we go again: Peter Smith, a GOP operative & longtime “Clinton enemy” commits “suicide.” Another person looking into Hillary was “suicided” — Peter Smith. Watch your back! Smith was found in a hotel room with a plastic bag on his head and a tube, supplying helium, which is unsuitable for breathing.

An elderly Republican, who used to collect dirt on Bill Clinton, followed in the footsteps of other mysteriously departed opponents of the former Secretary of State and the 42nd president. Chicago Tribune reports that an ex-GOP operative has committed suicide in Minnesota.

In Washington, programmer Seth Rich was killed last year, before he was supposed to testify in the email controversy. Another one, lawyer Sean Lucas, was going to investigate the falsification of the Democratic party primaries, but also did not live to do it. Unexpectedly, journalist Victor Thorn, who wrote a lot about Clinton's family, also died. His body was found near a house in the mountains. No witnesses. However, you can't cover all things up, especially if the entire government is involved.

Christopher Wray, who was nominated by Trump as head of the FBI, has already promised to investigate Ukraine's interference in American elections. Kiev diplomats helped the Democrats collect dirt on Trump's former chief of staff, Paul Manafort. It was covered by the press a long time ago, but they remembered it only now.

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